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Ten Common Myths About Vanilla Card | vanilla card

A basic unsecured credit card is really a basic account without any perks and very few or no fees attached. The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is determined by the lender based on your credit history. The card's issuer will either charge a preset interest rate or offer an interest rate that fluctuates with the Bank of America interest rate schedule. While unsecured cards are normally the same, they differ in the credit limit since the issuer usually determines the maximum amount that can be borrowed based on the cardholder's creditworthiness. The following is information regarding a Vanilla Credit Card and a Vanilla Unsecured Card.

Vanilla credit cards are issued by financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, and other non-bank lenders. Vanilla credit cards are usually issued without any security deposit. Vanilla status means that you are an average consumer just like you are with a checking account. This means that you cannot pull cash from your account, however, if you decide to make a purchase you can withdraw money from your account. You do not have to pay taxes on purchases nor do you have to make payments on balances.

If you do decide to make purchases you will only be charged the regular interest rate. If you do not have enough available credit or you do not pay your balance off in full each month your interest rates will increase. Your Vanilla Card will be assigned to an account and you will be charged an annual fee if you choose to cancel your account. Vanilla card information is very limited. There is no address data available, contact information, account number, WoB address, etc.

An unsecured card would allow you to build up credit points by making payments on time. If you were to do nothing you would send a check for a certain amount of money back to the company but you would not receive any money back in most cases. Your Vanilla Card would be sent to a company verification system where they would verify that the address listed was yours. This process does take a little while but the wait time is so short that it would hardly be counted as a delay. Once verification is complete the money would be automatically transferred to your account.

A Vanilla card scam victim should always call the customer service number provided on the application. A reputable company would always give the customer service number so that you could talk to a live person. If they did not provide you with a phone number or did not have a representative available to talk to you about your Vanilla card it is likely that they are either not a part of the banks financial institutions or they do not have your best interests in mind. Never work with anyone who is pushy or harassing you to buy something you do not need or want.

The most important part of having a Vanilla card would be to always check to see if they send you a notice of anything unusual. A company that does not notify their customers of any changes in the terms and conditions can be considered shady. If you receive this type of notice, it is vital that you call the customer service number that is listed on your application. Do not worry about calling them right away because they might have mistakenly put you on hold for speaking to someone else. If you were wondering why they put you on hold, you might want to ask them why they would do that. They may not have a real reason for doing so but you would be better off asking them than staying silent and hoping that they actually meant to call you back.

Another way to tell if you are being scammed or if you are getting a legitimate Vanilla card is to never sign up for a program that will require you to transfer money to another financial institution. There are many programs out there that do not require that you transfer the money but will rather have you sign up to receive their card. You should always be told that you will not be able to get your money until you have transferred it to the account from their Vanilla card.

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