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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Bmw Mastercard | bmw mastercard

Both the new BMW Mastercard and the previously released BMW EMI card offer generous rewards to customers who make regular purchases at participating BMW dealers, service stations and even while dining out. BMW EMI card – 4X points for every dollar spent on eligible BMW purchases and unlimited cash back for up to two years. BMW MGB card – 3X points for every dollar spent on eligible BMW purchases and unlimited cash back for up to four years.

BMW MGB cardholders points can be redeemed at participating retailers and online stores. Each point is equal to one percent of the total purchases made using the card. The more points a customer uses, the better the rewards. The greatest benefits offered by BMW on both the cards are: every dollar spent earns one percent of a cap reduction on the total purchase price in the customer's favor. Plus, every point used earns five dollars towards the elimination of excessive interest rate charges on unpaid balances.

Unlike many other issuers, you do not need to have a home country currency for opening your account. In addition, unlike other issuers, you can use your savings or checking account to earn points and bonuses. All BMW MGB card features include the following: unlimited car rental benefit, automatic premium payments, roadside assistance service and two-year unlimited mileage travel discounts. The following benefits are exclusive to BMW MGB and they cannot be found on other cards:

As with all credit card brands, there are specific benefits and features that are only available to users of BMW MGB. MGB customers have the ability to earn points towards their car rentals through the BMW rentals program. The points earn can be exchanged for free Rental cars and reimbursed via your bank account.

Customers who spend at least $1000 on approved purchases may also qualify for bonus points. These bonus points can then be redeemed for free BMW MGB apparel, insurance and gas rebates. The more points that you have, the greater the benefits that you will receive. Additionally, points that are collected will be added up until you reach a maximum point goal.

For those who regularly make purchases at grocery stores, drugstores or gasoline stations while traveling, the savings begin almost immediately. As an example, if a customer uses their current card to make a purchase at a participating drugstore, the full amount is applied to their account. The customer then makes three eligible gas station visits during the next twelve months. Each time that the customer visits a participating BP&N gas station, they earn one point. After twelve months of using this strategy, the customer receives a lifetime membership for the respective company.

As a part of its customer service program, BMW offers its customers the opportunity to earn a membership with the Company by making purchases within the first ninety days of ownership. Customers who qualify for this service may also earn a free BMW X5. By spending a certain number of eligible points, customers will be qualified to earn discounts on their purchases of cars, trucks and SAVI cars. In addition to these benefits, the BMW service card is designed to give cardholders access to various consumer services, such as online access and the ability to make upgrades to their existing car service plans at the Company's website. The service card also features free insurance protection.

The precision BMW dealer rewards credit card enables cardholders to earn incentives for their everyday buying habits. Cardholders may use the card towards making daily purchases at participating dealers or participating locations inside the BMW car assembly plant. A cardholder is only eligible to earn interest rates of up to 12.4 percent and cannot earn the auto credits in conjunction with the purchase of vehicles. Cardholders may also enjoy the convenience of earning discounts and rewards points that are transferred to their personal bank account. All these purchases are made using actual credit cards.

BMW Credit Cards : Konfigurator – bmw mastercard | bmw mastercard

BMW Credit Cards : Konfigurator – bmw mastercard | bmw mastercard

BMW Credit Cards – bmw mastercard | bmw mastercard

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