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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Td Rewards | td rewards

The TD Rewards Program is an incentive credit card program offered by Toronto Dominion Bank. Loyalty card members can earn and redeem bonus points for traveling, dining and other special rewards while they use their credit card. You can choose the rewards you would like to earn. Some rewards may include free airline tickets, weekend getaways, and more. Rewards are usually returned in kind when you make your monthly or yearly deposits to your account.

How do you qualify for rewards points? Some rewards are given for regular purchases you make at the TD Rewards Center such as groceries, gas stations, drug stores, and dollar stores. Other purchases need a little more effort on your part. For instance, some purchases may be eligible for dining plans such as dinner at a restaurant, shopping discounts or lower value tickets to events. These purchases are usually referred to as 'point purchases'.

What if I don't redeem my rewards points? In case you haven't figured it out already, getting cash credit for dining out isn't likely to happen. Restaurants, hotels and other businesses that participate in this program will have strict rules about cash credit purchases.

What if I don't have a lot of money to spend? The best way to redeem your TD Rewards for travel expenses is by using your cash credit for airfare, ground transportation, rental car expenses and all other regular air fare expenses for trips departing from the TD Rewards Corner. If you book your trip using your TD Rewards Corner card for your airfare, you will be able to redeem your points for a discounted fare. This works the same for rental cars.

Are there other ways to redeem your rewards points? Aside from cash credit for airfare, ground transportation and rental cars, you can also use your points to get cash back from shopping. This works pretty much the same way as with the airfare rewards. You use your points to purchase whatever you want, then use them to redeem your rewards. There are tons of different merchants redeeming points, and most of them will offer you cash back just for spending your rewards on their merchandise.

How do I know how much I'm earning from my TD Rewards program? You won't get exact dollar amounts because the exact amount of your reward earnings will vary depending on how you book, travel and store your transactions. In general, earning points towards your TD Rewards means getting at least 1.5% off your total purchases. However, some merchants may offer double or triple the value of your rewards points towards their own products. In order to determine exact figures, you can simply refer to the specific details of any merchant offering this program.

Can I cash in my rewards points towards paying for tickets to see a play or show? Yes, you can redeem rewards for theatre tickets – just make sure that you're referring to the right theatre company by typing the correct name into your favourite search engine. Some websites will allow you to redeem rewards on other types of tickets, like books or concert tickets. Keep in mind, that in order to receive the lower value of your reward points towards tickets, you should book your purchases at a participating theatre company rather than one of the independent discount theatre companies. This will help you pay lower ticket costs, which is one of the main benefits of earning rewards towards your TD Rewards.

Can I cash in my TD rewards credit cards for other types of purchases? Yes, you can. Any purchases made using your credit cards towards your TD Rewards will earn you one point each time. The major differences between earning rewards points and earning rewards credit cards is that with the latter you don't have to make a single purchase with your credit cards towards your TD Rewards before you are allowed to earn one point.

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