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3 Common Myths About Best Western Mastercard | best western mastercard

The Best Western Rewards Mastercard gives points that you can use towards future reservations at Best Western hotels. You could take advantage of receiving extra Best Western points for every dollar you spend at the hotel on certain purchases. This is one of the many ways that you can earn points towards rewards. You have to spend at least $50 a stay to receive Best Western points. Once you have enough points, you will have the opportunity to use them towards a number of different items including airfare discounts and rental cars.

It has been found that individuals who travel often receive the best western points because of their frequent use. This is why it is advised that if you are planning to travel on business or pleasure, you book your reservation as soon as possible. With the best western mastercard, you have to be willing to work towards earning the points that you need. You must be willing to make the first purchase on your reservation in order to get the perks.

Some of the perks that you may earn when using the Best Western rewards cards include First Purchase Bonus, Savings Plus Rebate, and a percentage bonus points program. You will be able to use these points towards paying for your first hotel stay, car rental, and even your meals. The best part is that you have to make your first purchase using your credit card. Other perks of this card include airline miles, rebate check rates, free point park stays, and special interest rates on purchases at select gas stations.

The Best western rewards program allows you to earn the most points whenever you book your reservations. You can earn a maximum of three hundred fifty five points every time you book your reservations. Additionally, you have to pay twenty two percent service charge for all reservations you make. These benefits have made it one of the most popular credit cards among businesses and consumers alike.

In addition, the best western rewards mastercard allows you to earn up to three hundred fifty five points whenever you use your card to make everyday purchases including everyday groceries. These purchases are reported to the company and are included in your report. If you make three hundred dollars or more in charges each month, then you are eligible for a maximum of five hundred points. Even if you do not earn any points during your lifetime with the best western mastercard, it is still beneficial because it helps you to save money.

As a business owner, you have the option to choose between one or two airline miles programs. Airline miles are good for business travelers since they can be exchanged for cash or other incentives. The airline miles are redeemable for business class tickets, first class tickets, and business trips for those traveling to Los Angeles. Another benefit of using the credit card is that you have the option to earn reward points which can then be redeemed for hotel stays. For example, you earn one point for every dollar you spend on purchases at the Best Western Plus on Airport Northport, and then another point for every night you stay at the Best Western Chula Vista Hotel.

The best part about the Best Western Plus rewards program is that there are no blackout periods so you do not have to worry about missing a free night while traveling. Once you have earned the three hundred and fifty reward points, you will then be sent an email with details of your redemption code. You will have until the deadline indicated in your email to redeem the points. Once you have reached this deadline, you will automatically receive a free night's hotel stay as well as any other benefits associated with the program. This includes complimentary airline flights, car rentals, and even free meals.

This Best Western Plus Rewards Credit Card is specifically targeted at those travelers who want to maximize their rewards while making their purchases at major hotel chains. As long as you make your purchases at these hotels through their participating merchants, you will receive your points. The beauty of having Best Western Plus as a partner with these hotels is that you are not restricted to just one brand. Best Western Plus actually allows its members to earn 5% back just for making purchases using the credit card from their website.

Best Western Rewards – best western mastercard | best western mastercard

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