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3 Lessons I’ve Learned From Priceline Rewards | priceline rewards

If you are looking for an easy way to earn some extra cash every month, then you might want to consider getting one of the many different Priceline rewards cards that are available. You can either get the benefits on one card or several. Either way you are assured of a way to save money on your expenses and on the things that you actually use every day.

Pros Most benefits on all Priceline purchases: The Priceline Rewards Visa card offers five points per dollar for all your eligible purchases where Priceline specializes. These specialties include discounted (as well as non-refundable) pay now purchases and those where you bid on a free rental car, a hotel room or even airline tickets. So when you earn these points every time you make your eligible purchases, you can use them to pay for these things straight back from your card! There is no annual fee or membership cost involved. This offer lasts all year long so you don't have to worry about it going away if you do not use your card.

Pro Buyback Rebate Promotion: On this card, you can earn up to two percent cash back on all your eligible purchases or redeem points towards discounts at a percentage rate. With the two percent rebates, you save the equivalent of two cents for every dollar you spend. You get to choose between a twenty-five percent reduction on your service charge, a twenty-five percent discount on your service fees and taxes, and twenty percent off your purchase price. These rebates are good until the end of the year.

Pro Cash Back Rebate Promotion: This promotion is also called the Pro Five Points Per Dollar Promotion. With this offer, you receive five percent cash back on all your eligible purchases plus an additional five percent for services, taxes and other applicable categories. The cash back starts off with five hundred dollars free for your personal use. After you spend a certain amount of money, you can earn up to seven percent cash back.

Discover More Savings with Low APR Ranges: Aside from its low interest rate, this card offers flexible terms and charges. You can enjoy low APR ranging from fifteen to thirty-five percent. You also have the option of withdrawing your rewards in cash, via certified check, or through credit cards and wire services like Internet banking. Another great thing about this card is that it has a zero percent introductory period for new customers. Even a thirty-day grace period is included for returning purchases to the issuer.

No Annual Fee Mean Easy Cash Back: For people who often need to make unexpected travel purchases, this is the best perks you can get from Discover. Every time you make eligible purchases, you earn one DME ( Dovetail Miles). DME can be used to redeem your points back to the company. As a result, you get more savings from your travel expenses. The best part is, you get 10 percent cash back as well as DME points back to use towards future purchases.

No Balance Transfer Fees: A lot of credit cards charge balance transfer fees each month, which can be quite costly. However, with the Discover Travel rewards card, you never have to pay additional balance transfer fees. You can use your bonus to cover airfare, hotel and car expenses whenever you travel. In addition, the low APR means you'll be able to save even more by making purchases using your card. You'll also have no annual fee.

No Annual Fee Means Free Trips: You won't have to pay an annual fee this year, or even next year if you choose not to. With your card, you'll earn up to fivex points for every dollar you charge to your account, and you earn one point for every five dollars of your regular purchases. These points can be used towards your future purchases as well as savings on future purchases. You also get one free flight to visit any one of the destinations featured on your card every year, which means you can visit any of your favorite destinations in the world for free.


Priceline | priceline rewards

Priceline Rewards™ Visa®  Barclays US - priceline rewards

Priceline Rewards™ Visa® Barclays US – priceline rewards | priceline rewards

Priceline Rewards™ Visa®  Barclays US - priceline rewards

Priceline Rewards™ Visa® Barclays US – priceline rewards | priceline rewards

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