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3 Moments To Remember From Southwest Visa Credit Card | southwest visa credit card

Southwest visa credit card is an excellent reward credit card which implements this spending value in making out a statement from your spent. This airline reward credit card will pay for the airline tickets too, and sort you out at the gas station anytime you approach the airport. This is one of the popularly used credit cards. It helps to make the traveling experience an excellent and smooth one.

As you have already observed, southwest visa credit cardholders enjoy various privileges on their card. They enjoy four types of perks. First, they have no annual fee for the first year. Second, they have a low to zero percent APR for the second year. Third, the annual fee can be reduced to a low-interest rate after the third year. Lastly, it has an extraordinary twenty (21) days grace period for the borrowers to pay off the balance of their outstanding balance.

Southwest visa credit card allows one to earn reward points by using their card in shopping malls, drug stores, hotels, super markets, eating joints and travel agencies. As you come to know, they also have a companion pass that enables you to earn two bonus points whenever you use this card to make purchases. Furthermore, this enables you to earn five reward points whenever you and your companion shop in one store. Companion pass and the twenty (21) day grace period will surely help you save money.

Companion Pass: This is considered as one of the most preferred rewards cards because of its simple benefits. Basically, you get a free plane ticket if you use this card on the airline's online store. Additionally, there are also no annual fee. In fact, you even have a twenty (21) day window to pay off the balance before you have to start paying off the air fare.

Rapid Rewards Credit Union Visa Card: It is another great option of having a Southwest visa card. This is offered by the federal credit union. This works similarly to other cards because you can earn a certain amount of points every time you use your card. The number of points you earn depends on the amount you spend.

Some of the cards from the southwest credit union include: Federal Express Platinum Visa Card, Discover More, Chase Sapphire Reserve, American Express Gold Visa Card, Discover More Blue Cash Credit Card, First National Bank Cards, Bank of America Visa Credit Card, Citibank Premier Visa Card, and Chase Freedom Visa Credit Card. On the other hand, you can opt for the cards from the four national banks mentioned above. Each of these offers a different kind of rewards. Therefore, you need to choose which one is best for you. The following tips would be helpful in determining the type of rewards you will receive.

First, consider your spending habits. Find out which among the four national banks offer the types of rewards plus credit cards that fit your needs. If you tend to purchase a lot of plane tickets on a monthly basis, you should opt for cards from Discover, Chase, American Express, or Bank of America. For those who travel rarely, you should consider the cards from Discover and the others from the national banks since they offer low points.

Second, consider the number of reward categories. Some of the cards have a special feature that allows you to get one point for every dollar you charge to your credit card. If you don't like that feature, look for the ones that offer one point for every five dollars you charge. There are still others that offer one point for every ten thousand dollars you charge. As long as it has been established by the credit union, you are allowed to have up to fifty,000 points and enjoy all the benefits that accompany the fast rewards account.

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