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3 Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Aadvantage Red Card | aadvantage red card

As you check out your credit reports, do a quick look at the Aadvantage Red Card. The company was started just over a year ago. This new credit card is provided by American Express. Here are three reasons why you should consider adding this card to your credit history.

First, it will help you remember username logins. If you forget your username, you will have to write it down or type it into a text editor on your personal computer. When applying for another credit card account, American Express wants to know who you really are and what your financial history is. For that reason, they require that you either: check the box to prove you are not a registered user of social networking sites, remember username or password or create a new username.

Second, American Express gives you a discount on every American Express travel card that you open with them. When you first check the aadvantage miles offer, look under “airline rewards” and then choose the aadvantage red card. The discount on every airline ticket will vary and you can save up to three thousand dollars on round trip tickets. Keep in mind though that if you don't use all of the available aadvantage miles that you are given, you can lose points on your account. If you fly often, consider getting two or three aadvantage miles cards so that you can take advantage of the discount.

Third, if you are using an auto rental, check out the aadvantage red mastercard collision damage waiver. When you rent a car, you are at risk of getting into an accident. It is important that you read the terms and conditions regarding auto rental collision damage waiver insurance, which covers you and the rental company if there is a collision during your rental. You are also covered if your rental vehicle is damaged in a fire. A good damage waiver insurance policy will also protect you if you are injured in a criminal act or accident caused by the negligence of a third party.

Fourth, American Express gives you up to fifteen percent off on any balance transfer credit cards once you have used your aadvantage points for the eligible purchases. Use these aadvantage points in order to pay down your debt and increase your credit score at the same time. Remember that American Express has their own credit repair program that is separate from their regular credit card program. With that being said, I recommend using American Express' repair program.

Fifth, American Express gives you a discount if you show proof you are not a United States citizen by checking the box to prove you are not a U.S. citizen. The discount will apply whether or not you pass the test. American Express does not test drivers for United States citizenship. However, many other credit card companies do. You want to make sure you are not on one of these companies' credit card list to make sure you get your aadvantage red card account with American Express.

Sixth, American Express offers two different aadvantage red card offers: One gives you two million bonus points if you enroll and open a new account and use your new card to make eligible purchases; and another gives you ten thousand bonus points if you are a loyal aa member of the aa community for six consecutive months. Both are a very strong aa network. As such, I strongly encourage you to take full advantage of both the first aadvantage red card offer and the second aadvantage aviator red offer. Even if you don't need the points for immediate use, I know you'll find the added bonuses worth it.

Seventh, American Express aa networks are very good at helping their members stay loyal. They have an exceptional customer service program, and an exceptional aa membership to thank them with. If you ever run into any trouble with American Express, you can call their toll free number seven days a week. Their live agents are always ready to help!

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