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4 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Bonus Mastercard | mastercabonus rd

Apply for an Alpha Bank Bonus Mastercard, an attractive credit card that combines security and flexibility in all your financial transactions! Use this flexible credit card and enjoy the global prestige which Mastercard provides for all financial transaction at e-Stamp, online and abroad. You can use the card to make online purchases and to make hotel reservations. Alpha Bank also provides you with an impressive low rate of interest on balance transfers which makes this card a highly attractive one.

A lot of the credit card issuers in the market today provide various attractive schemes and bonus offers to lure cardholders towards their cards. The bonuses are usually provided in the form of reduced interest rate, cash back or air miles etc. These bonuses are designed to attract cardholders to sign up for the card issuer's card. But some cardholders don't show much interest in signing up with a particular issuer, for reasons such as economy or budget. At such times one can benefit from Bonus credit cards which offer lucrative cash back or bonus points.

Alpha Bank offers a number of credit cards to meet cardholders' different needs. One of its bonus cards is the Bonus Plus which gives cardholders an enhanced loyalty programme. With this loyalty programme cardholders can earn cash bonus on every single purchase they make. This is an amazing offer, with great value for money. Cardholders can earn up to two percent rebate on the total purchase price when using the Bonus Plus card.

The process of earning bonus points or bonus dollars is simple and easy. One has to make direct debit for the purchases made using their bonus card. The purchases made are considered direct debits. Thus, the cardholder earns bonus points. Apart from Greece and Italy, Bonus Plus is the only European bonus card that offers direct debiting.

In order to earn more points, one has to make regular purchases using their bonus loyalty programme card. As and when you make your purchases, points are credited in your account. You can use these bonus points or bonus dollars to enter bonus mastercard sweepstakes and contests. With these contests and sweepstakes, you get the opportunity to win great prizes.

Like all credit cards, the bucckeye bonus mastercard too comes with an annual fee of $12. However, the annual fee is waived if you make your first (and any subsequent) purchases during the special offer period. If you make your purchases online, you will also get this benefit. Other incidental charges also do not apply to the card: the annual fee is applicable only to purchases.

Like many other credit cards, the buckeye requires you to have a checking or savings account as well as a regular income. You must also have a current bank statement and a voided check with a routing number in your name. You can also choose to pay your monthly dues online via electronic transfer, but must complete the card application and payment online.

The benefits of the bucckeye card mainly include direct debiting which gives you more cash back for every purchase you make. You also get to enjoy rebate holidays, air miles and points and much more. The key feature of this card is that you earn points and bonus points with every dollar you spend. You can use these points towards shopping at selected outlets during the promo period and also save money on your purchases.

The process of applying for this card is much simpler than any other form of debit card. For this you need to visit the website and follow the simple application instructions. Once your application is approved you will receive a PIN number which you have to enter into the ATM machine to obtain your card. There are no special PIN requirements, so if you happen to have a friend who has an account with a bank which issues debit cards you can ask them to make use of their account to make your application.

The bonus points and debit card benefits of this card are transferable between accounts and are valid for purchases you make both at home and abroad. You can use them for gas and airline tickets as well as for your groceries. The bonus and point values are transferred to your account each time you make a purchase and can be used either in the stores or online. It is very easy to transfer the balance from your credit cards to this account. However, you have to be careful that you do not exceed the maximum limit. In case you do, the value of your bonus and point will be reduced accordingly.

The major advantage of this card is that you get a bonus amount which you can use for making purchases. These purchases cover petrol, alcohol, tobacco and grocery items. The major disadvantage of this card is that the bonus and points are only transferable between accounts and cannot be used in your own name, unless you open an account with this bank.

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