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4 Disadvantages Of Use Of Debit Card And How You Can Workaround It | use of debit card

How can you use a debit card to increase your credit score? In this article we will look at the ways that you can use your debit card to improve your credit rating and the reasons why it is important to do so. Most of us have received a statement from our bank detailing our current financial situation and we have two very good reasons for having this information. We are aware that we owe money to some people and we know that we have overdrawn our account on several occasions in the past and that these overdrafts are now being reported to the lender.

If this is the situation that you find yourself in then your first step should be to check your statements and find out where you can reduce the amount of interest that you are paying on them. This can be done by enquiring with your bank or financial institution regarding the possibility of switching your credit cards to debit cards. Debit cards can be used just like credit cards once they have been set up but this facility usually only lasts for a limited time period. What happens when you want to pay your outstanding balance off? Well you will still be charged interest but this time there will only be a minimal amount due on your credit card.

Another way that you can use your debit cards to boost your credit rating is to make purchases using medical benefits. A medical benefit is a type of cash that is paid directly to you in the form of a monthly premium. This facility usually comes as part of an insurance package and can be very useful to those who have had accidents or other medical issues in the past. These types of cash advances are recorded as medical expenses on your tax return and can be used in the same way as cash advances and can even be withdrawn tax free.

One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to using your debit card to boost your credit rating is anti-fraud protection. Most credit cards feature protection against fraud but this protection is very basic at best and not really of much use. You will have to manually report any suspected unauthorized charges to your card provider and the company may even undertake to investigate the matter. There may also be an investigation carried out on your behalf by the bank in question into the transactions that you have made. If fraud is suspected then you could be faced with very high charges on your next card purchase and your bank may even stop offering you new credit cards.

Anti-fraud protection can be improved further by using anti-theft devices to deter theft. This could mean that you equip your debit cards with device specific alarms or locks which you can activate when you wish to use them. It is also a good idea to ensure that your credit cards details such as pin numbers and social security numbers are kept confidential at all times. These details may be displayed on websites if they are available and therefore giving criminals the chance to steal your details so that they can commit identity fraud.

The number of people who now use debit cards in place of traditional credit cards has increased in recent years. As the UK economy grows and the recession ebbs and flows the number of card users is also expected to grow. The number of transactions made on debit cards in the UK has more than quadrupled over the past five years. Some areas in the UK have reported that there has been a rise in the number of credit card users while others have seen a decrease in the past few years.

One of the main benefits of using debit cards instead of traditional credit cards is the ease of making purchases. You do not have to wait for the bank to open before you are able to make a purchase. This means that you can go about your daily business with no delays whatsoever. You do not need to think about any processing fees when using debit cards compared to credit cards. You do not incur interest fees when making purchases and you only pay the amount you have actually spent. There are no annual fees associated with debit card transactions and therefore they offer the best value for money.

In the UK, more households are reaping the benefits of using cash instead of using debit cards. Many of the UK's top retailers are now offering customers the option of using cash to make purchases. The trend appears to be a move away from plastic to paper. This comes at a time when there is a push for consumers to become more environmentally friendly. A survey carried out by a consumer group found that more than three in every ten households in the UK have no knowledge of the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill each year. The government is also trying to make the use of debit cards more environmental friendly.

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