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All You Need To Know About Options Mastercard | options mastercard

Canadian Tire Options MasterCard is accepted at millions of retail establishments world wide. Consumers of the Canadian Tire Options MasterCard often earn Canadian Tire cash back for each purchased card transaction performed at Canadian Tire outlets and gas stations or other retail outlets which accept MasterCard. This cash back can be traded for discounts at Canadian Tire outlets. The cash back may also be used as cash to pay bills and loan repayments. The cash back amount is not credited directly to the account, but the amount is added to the consumers balance which is then available to be withdrawn when required.

Options MasterCard and its parent company MBNA have been around since 1986. Their aim is to provide their clients with an easy to use credit card that meets their needs without the high fees and interest charges usually associated with credit cards. There are five different credit profiles available through the options mastercard including: Preferred Rewards, Low APR, High APR, No annual fee and No balance transfer fees.

Rewards from the options mastercard come in a variety of forms and the types of reward programs vary from one provider to the next. A few of the options rewards are Auto Insurance Rebate, Rebated Sales and Services, Retail Maven and Gas Patrons. The types of activities and stores that receive rebates through the program range anywhere from groceries to Canadian Tire. These rebates are applied directly to the monthly expenditures made by the customer.

A Canadian Tire discount coupon is another form of incentive rewarded through the options program. Coupons are redeemable at participating outlets for Canadian Tire products only. When the card would be presented at an applicable point of purchase the coupon would be scanned and the customer would have the option to choose the items that are to be purchased. This would include gas purchases, other transportation related expenses or groceries. When the customer chooses the items they wish to purchase, they are required to present the coupon at the time of checkout.

The MBNA card can also be used in conjunction with the AMEX Blue Sky program. Certain gasoline purchases made at participating Canadian stores are covered by the AMEX Blue Sky rebate program. The mbna card and the blue sky rebate are convertible into one single rebate which can then be used towards other expenditures as well. Purchases made at participating outlets for the month that are paid on time will earn the consumer a high credit score, which in turn will allow them to qualify for a more competitive interest rate on future purchases.

The fifth option on the table of benefits from the options program is the Canadian Store and Merchant Account. The canadian store allows its members to purchase products and services in different Canadian provinces and to make payments in cash using the credit card. To get this reward, members must pay their bills on time every month. For those who pay their bills late, a late payment penalty may be incurred.

There are other areas on the table of benefits from the options program which are aimed at boosting the credit card payment incentives of those using them. The AMEX Blue Sky Rewards program is targeted at clients that travel to Canada on a frequent basis. Other rewards are also availae, such as being able to redeem gift certificates. The options can also save individuals cash on foreign transactions when making use of the ATM machines located in various countries around the world.

An important part of Rewards from the Options Mastercard is the gas bonuses. With these rewards, the consumer will receive cash rebates on their expenditures of gasoline, diesel and oil. These rebates are capped at 25% of the total regular price and will be applied to gasoline purchases, airline tickets, hotels, and other purchases within the Canada area. This gas loyalty program is only valid for those gas stations that have their own network of service stations. To get the maximum benefits, make sure to select from the network of stations your choice. This will help you save money, since these rebates are only earned, not paid out.

Options Mastercard – options mastercard | options mastercard

Options Mastercard – options mastercard | options mastercard

Options Mastercard – options mastercard | options mastercard

Options Mastercard – options mastercard | options mastercard

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