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Five Ways On How To Get The Most From This Radiant Credit Union | radiant credit union

“We are a radiant credit union, also known as a no-cost credit union proud of our community and charitable members for more than 60 years. With so many options out there, why choose Radiant Credit Union? YOU OWN US!

“We are a very unique and powerful organization, offering members the opportunity to improve their own personal financial situation by improving their net worth. Radiant credit unions have a very simple system that provides an easy to use, secure application process, and no or low monthly fee,” says Joe Ivers, CEO of Radiant Credit Union. “When you become a member of a this cooperative, you are automatically enrolled in the Direct Banking program. We do not sell our memberships, and our members have no third party charges, hidden fees or membership related issues.”

“IRS Tax professionals, including attorneys and CPAs, recommend that everyone I know apply for a radiant credit union member account,” says anyone who lives, works, travels or visits Ginnie Mae Park, FL. “I really enjoy the security that this online banking system offers me. In addition, I have never had to worry about over the limit fees because my minimum payment is so low. In my opinion, anyone who lives in or around Gainesville, Florida should consider this option.”

“I think everyone in Ginnie Mae Park, FL should try using a no membership fee, no income tax questions, drive-up ATM machine account,” says anyone who has ever lived, worked, attended school or visited Ginnie Mae Park, FL. “The convenience of these online banking systems are well worth the peace of mind they afford you. You are always able to check your bank account anytime day or night. If you are wondering if you can get a no income tax deferred deposit with this company, my answer is a big yes!”

“I am a member of the Gainesville credit union, and we have been very impressed with how easily everything online works. Our Internet service is excellent, our paper checks are processed fast, and we are never without our money at the end of the month. The security of our accounts and the convenience of having everything automatically deposited each month are just icing on the cake,” says anyone who loves getting their invoices paid quickly! “When you have automatic deposit set up, there is no need to write out any checks. This means you can save time and eliminate the possibility of missing a bill or two.”

“I like everything about being a member of this wonderful, innovative, and friendly organization. The online banking tools are great, especially the free e-mail newsletter, and I feel secure knowing my information is protected. Anyone who lives, works, studies, serves, or teaches in Gainesville, FL knows how important a good credit union is and how much they mean to everyone involved. I feel that everything about the radiant credit union is perfect, and I am ready to join!”

“I'm a Gainesville family. We have been living in our home for fifteen years, and it is getting to be a little over fifty. I love my neighbors and everyone in general. I've always considered Gainesville as home, and I know that any member of the community would feel the same way about their local bank or credit union.”

“I have lived in Gainesville for over ten years, and during that time, I have heard a lot about the benefits of being a part of a credit union. I'm also a legal professional, so I know that it is important to collect beneficial ownership information to stay on the right side of the law. With the new regulation, I don't have to worry about my personal information being released. I'm also excited because it eliminates the possibility of being defrauded. In order to join the credit union, I must swear an oath of loyalty and pay a membership fee. It is nice to know that the new regulation isn't actually new in place, but was only brought up by a new regulation that everyone must follow.”

“I live in Gainesville, FL. I feel fortunate that my home is part of a self-governing, economic enterprise that openly safeguards its beneficial ownership interests of its members. I don't feel like I'm part of a business, at least not in the traditional sense. I do, however, own my house because it has a beneficial ownership interest in a legal entity.”

“I'm part of a cooperative company, and we have a legal entity. The whole idea behind cooperative businesses is that the members share in the benefits while the non-members do not. We were really glad that the Credit Union decided to update the way that we operated and collect our beneficial ownership information. It is much easier now to trust the Credit Union, even though we are still technically considered a member. We welcome any new ideas the Credit Union may have to protect its beneficial owners.”

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