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How You Can Attend Equifax Dispute With Minimal Budget | equifax dispute

Here s what to do when your Equifax dispute lowers your credit score. The first step towards a successful credit report dispute is to initially review all of your credit reports from all of the major credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian). Then you will want to quickly find and challenge any errors you notice. The faster you challenge them the more likely they are to be removed. You want your credit report to reflect your accurate financial information.

Now for the second part of your dispute. After reviewing all of your credit reports get out a copy of each one and study the credit score. Once you have the score in hand you will want to write down the credit score number and write the words “Equifax dispute” on it. This is the second step to raising your credit score. You want to challenge anything on that report that does not reflect your accurate credit score.

The next step here is to write the letter to the credit bureau that shows the incorrect entry. In this letter you will want to include proof that the entry is inaccurate or that it should be deleted. You want to send them a certified letter that states the problem and gives them thirty days to respond to your challenge. In the letter you will also request that they update your account information to reflect your challenge.

You will find that most people will not dispute inaccurate entries made by the creditors or collection agencies. They may do so with a good reason; that is they have some sense that the entry is inaccurate. Most of the time though when you dispute the entry it will not be updated because the creditors and collection agencies simply put the word “incomplete information” on their reports without actually having the documentation to back up the claim.

After the dispute has been sent in writing to the credit bureaus you will need to wait thirty days to see what happens. What will happen then is that the bureau will investigate the claim and determine whether or not your dispute is valid. If they determine that the listing is inaccurate they will enter an entry in the record book saying so. If they do not have enough evidence to support the entry they will remove the listing, update your entry with a correct record and mail you a new credit report.

After this process is complete you will be notified of any changes to your records. You may find out that your dispute was sent to the wrong place or was never sent at all. This is why it is important to only dispute one inaccurate entry at a time. Disputing three nationwide credit reports at the same time is actually illegal. If you do this it could look like you are trying to tamper with the system and it would appear on your credit reports as if you tried to fix three separate accounts when in actuality you just contested one of them.

There are a number of resources available for using a template letters for disputing Equifax accounts. You can purchase books from your local library or even go online to access some great resources for writing this type of letter. Templates are useful because they make it very easy to create an effective dispute letter that gets results. There are also sites where you can access free dispute letters that you can modify to fit your own specific needs.

Disputeing an Equifax Disputing an Equifax dispute will not change your score. It will only update the entry in the record book for that particular credit report. If you want to raise your overall score, you will probably need to update the entries with the most recent information. However, if you have only disputed an item that does not affect your score, you can generally raise the overall score by merely removing the inaccurate item and typing in the new information.

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