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Seven Quick Tips For Expedia Mastercard | expedia mastercard

One of the most popular online travel products around are credit cards such as the Expedia Mastercard. I have used this particular credit card for many years and I really enjoy using it. It offers me a lot of benefits which I am very happy with. It is also one of the most accepted forms of credit card in the United States. This is a fact that I appreciate a lot and this is why I want to share my experience using the Expedia rewards card.

I have always shopped online for travel packages. I love going on cruises, visiting relatives and friends and sightseeing at tourist attractions. One of the best parts of using a credit card for travel is that you can accrue points for every dollar that you spend on the card. When I initially started using the Expedia rewards program, I was very skeptical about how well it would do for me because I was not familiar with it.

The first thing that I noticed about the Expedia rewards program is that it has a very low international shipping fee. I had no idea that this was an available benefit. The reason for this is that when I purchased my flight, I chose to book my hotel and airline tickets through the credit card company. I did not have to pay an annual fee or a foreign transaction tax and this is a big advantage.

The second reason that I like the Expedia rewards program offers so much is that I earn miles toward free hotel rooms. Every time that I use the credit card to purchase something from the website, I earn one mile for every dollar that I spent. Once I have earned enough miles, I will be eligible to earn a free hotel room for myself, my spouse and guests. It is really nice to know that I have so much flexibility with these rewards.

Speaking of travelers, one of the best parts about the Expedia rewards program offers is that they have a travel rewards program that is also available. If I had to choose between earning miles and earning cash back, I would choose the cash back option. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not only can I get cash back rewards for all of my purchases, but I also earn bonus points that can be used for airfare, hotel room upgrades and rental cars. This is a great combination that allows me to maximize the amount of money that I earn each month.

Another great perk is that when I receive the dreaded E-mail that says that I have earned enough elite status points to earn an upgrade to first class, I automatically receive a discount on my next hotel stays. I love this feature because I love to go on vacation and I don't want to spend too much money on a plane ticket and then have to take a rest and eat at a hotel. Therefore, having the ability to save money on my vacation packages by simply earning points that can be redeemed for discounts is extremely beneficial to me. Not only do I earn elite status points to use for airline tickets, I also earn bonus points that can be used for rental cars. Not only do I earn points to book my own car rentals, I also earn bonus points that can be used for free tickets and other giveaways. In essence, using the Expedia rewards cards helps me to be able to take all of my vacationing family along, no matter how many kids we have.

The only drawback that I was able to identify was that I was not able to make any changes to my existing travel plans to take advantage of the discounts that I earned from using the rewards credit cards. I am a bit sensitive about my family's needs, so using the cards was a bit of a problem. On the bright side, there were no blackout dates when it came to using the cards to make hotel stays. Although this might cause some families to think twice about traveling with their children, I was able to overcome this issue by simply calling the hotel that I would be staying at during my trips to have any changes made.

Overall, I love the rewards program from Expedia. I have already been able to save money on my airfare, car rentals, and hotels. Although I am not a fan of the annual fee that is required to be paid, I am glad that I was able to overcome this drawback because I know that I will be able to redeem my points for a discount. I just wish that I could get around the annual fee.

Expedia Rewards Credit Cards from Citi Expedia – expedia mastercard | expedia mastercard

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Expedia Rewards Credit Cards from Citi Expedia – expedia mastercard | expedia mastercard

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