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Seven Unbelievable Facts About Visa Gold Debit Card | visa gold debit card

Bank Alfalah VISA Gold Debit Card is basically a credit card with a gold debit card attached to it. The card is capable of giving the holder electronic access to his/her bank account. The card is also capable of making purchases at various merchant establishments around Pakistan and overseas. This card serves as an ideal mode of payment for the customers as it has the capacity to reduce their financial risk. Thus, it becomes an ideal option for all kinds of business transactions as it facilitates fast and easy cashless transaction.

The main features of this card are cash withdrawal facility (drawing money from the customer's account), electronic check conversion and paperless account management. Basically, it has some additional features that are helpful for the customers. For instance, visa gold debit card has an improved check and balance inquiry feature, which helps in faster processing of the payment. It also offers an efficient connection to the international money transfer system.

The Visa gold debit card features a special type of ATM card which is capable of earning reward points. Basically, this ATM card has three kinds of ATM card readers at different parts of the country. These readers accept the visa gold debit cards and allow the account holders to withdraw cash as well as spend it on their own account. Therefore, the visa gold debit card is useful for the account holders who travel frequently internationally as they have the facility of earning reward points and spend them on their own account.

The Visa debit card comes with a unique nfo (NFF) code at the back of the card. The nfo code is in the form of a square matrix and contains ten alphabets. This code is considered by many as one of the most important factors, which decides whether the card will work internationally or not. However, the actual decision lies with the account holder, who is responsible for determining whether the use of the card is legal according to the rules and regulations or not.

Withdrawal options are available from two sources, namely the World Wide Web and the traditional offline methods. In the case of the internet option, the applicant should visit any of the websites that deal with the Visa Gold debit card and apply for the online transaction. On submitting the online application, a password is also provided. The password is used to access the secure portion of the site and make the necessary withdrawals.

Another interesting thing about Visa Gold debit card is that it allows the account holder to make transfers to another person's account through the World Wide Web. In this regard, transactions can be made even from overseas countries. All that is required in order to withdraw cash from any of the atms located across the globe is the twenty-four hour international toll free number. Also, most of the atms do not charge any transaction fee, as per usual for debit and credit cards.

As far as the World Wide Web is concerned, there are various options available for people to withdraw cash from any of the atms located around the world. However, some of the ATM machines that offer gold debit cards do not have the ability to transact through the World Wide Web. Therefore, people need to find out the details regarding the ATM that is operating in their locality. Even if people have an access to the internet, they should still check out whether the ATM they are using at home is offering internet based transactions or not.

Visa Gold is issued by MasterCard, one of the most renowned global brands. The card comes with one of the most sought after features, which is earning rewards points for every dollar deposited into the account. Every dollar that is spent on purchasing goods and services will earn twenty reward points. This is a feature that is unique to Visa Gold and is absolutely free of charge. No other company can provide such a facility as well as Visa Gold.

Visa Gold also comes with some of the most sought after features. The card comes with a one year worldwide customer assistance service contract. This is an important feature because it helps those customers who use this card to get information about the different rates and schemes being offered by ATM vendors around the globe. Such information can help the customer to plan his finances better and to choose the best ATM.

Apart from Visa Gold, there are other high profile debit cards that are currently on offer. The MasterCard Visa was the first credit card that was linked to gold cardholders. This enabled the cardholders to get discounts and cash back on almost all the purchases they make. Hence, Visa debit cards are becoming extremely popular with global customer assistance services.

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