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The Cheapest Way To Earn Your Free Ticket To Brinks Money Card | brinks money card

The Brinks Money Card is a high-tech debit card designed specifically for day-to day electronic purchases at select supermarkets and pharmacies. It is perfect for individuals who need instant access to paycheck or other government benefits or early access to deposit funds in-store at over 130,000 Points of Sale (POS) Network locations nationwide. This convenient and easy-to-load credit/debit card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, and has a maximum of $500 dollar spending limit. The top-notch benefits offered on the Brinks Money Card include:

Electronic Fund Transfer – When people use their money cards to pay for their groceries or other select necessities, they often need immediate access to the cash they spent. When they visit one of the Brinks Money Card machines, all they need to do is insert the card's data and wait for the electronic transaction to be completed. Brinks partnered with industry leaders such as AT&T, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card to provide a convenient and safe way to fund your account. This electronic fund transfer option enables people to make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted, which includes hundreds of participating stores nationwide. The Brinks Money Card is accepted at over 130,000 locations. This convenient service also lets you pay for items you purchase online, at the counter of retail stores, and at select ATM machines.

Automatic Direct Deposits – With this automatic direct deposit, you never have to wait to make a payment. When you visit a participating store, simply present your Brinks money prepaid mastercard or debit card to your cashier and allow the machine to process the transaction. A printed receipt containing the amount of money you paid as well as the date you made your deposit will be issued to you. This service is currently available in over 170 countries. The Brinks logo will appear on the statement for each deposit made, ensuring you always have a copy to refer back to should the need arise.

E-Check – Another innovative service provided by Brinks is the e-Checks, also known as e-CPAP machines. These are similar to the direct deposit mentioned above. This service is offered at over 100 locations throughout the United States. You can use your Brinks money card or your traditional ATM to make a deposit into your e-Checks. Your money will appear on your debit card or on your standard credit card within a few minutes. When you approach the counter to make the payment, your credit card will be automatically converted into a debit card.

Online Direct Deposit – The Brinks money card allows consumers to make deposits into their accounts online. This option is currently available in Canada. All transactions are handled safely and securely. You will not have to worry about security breaches, because all transfers are fully secure. The company will immediately debit your money card if it has an insufficient funds balance, which is highly recommend. This is one of the best ways to avoid incurring overdraft fees.

Electronic Debit Cards – The electronic debit card and the traditional money prepaid mastercard are both offered by Brinks. Consumers are able to make purchases with these cards from any location that accepts MasterCard, Visa or American Express. If you like, you can even transfer money from your Brinks checking account to your new money prepaid mastercard online. All transactions are handled with great care and security. This is highly recommended if you wish to protect yourself from any type of credit card fraud.

How Consumers Can Protect Themselves When Shopping Online: The people used to be able to simply put their hands up and block someone else's credit card when they enter it at a store. With the advent of the Internet and e-commerce, however, people no longer have this luxury. A lot of people used to purchase things they couldn't afford, so they put their trust in cash, which is very vulnerable. With a money prepaid mastercard, consumers can keep their hands on their cash.

Money Placement Scams – A major problem that many people experienced when using a credit card was receiving fraudulent charges in their account. This could result to a lot of unnecessary expense for the people who have experienced it. Many companies who offer prepaid Mastercards require consumers to fill out a credit application form and then they can only withdraw the money that they have applied for. This is why some people use the Brinks money card, because there is no credit check involved. It is also easy to determine which company you are going to use because they are only licensed to do business in one state.

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