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The Five Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About Control Mastercard | control mastercard

Control Mastercard is one of many merchant account providers in the business today. The company has earned itself a good reputation among its competitors. If you're thinking about getting an account, it's definitely a good idea. Here are some of the advantages of having a MasterCard:

No annual fees. With the control mastercard, not only can you earn money back rewards but you can also earn extra money through your everyday spending as well. According to the control site, you will earn extra money each time you use your ATM card or make purchases at selected stores. As a matter of fact, the no annual fee, one-time set up fee and no membership fee for the Internet usage are the three major reasons why people choose the card issuer over other merchant account providers.

Accepts most MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Aside from the fact that the company has a strong market reputation, the control mastercard has been able to expand their range of acceptances to include non-MasterCard and non Visa credit cards as well. In addition, they also accept pre-paid cards from any online store. You can choose the specific kind of card that you want to use. Aside from the easy approval process, another advantage is the fact that transactions will be covered by the Visa Card's low interest rate, which makes it a very economical choice for merchants and consumers.

Implemented with a traditional debit card. The control mastercard uses a traditional debit card to hold your money instead of a MasterCard or Visa card. You can just imagine how inconvenient the whole process of transferring money from one place to another will be with this system. Aside from not having your account credited, there will be no way for you to prove your balance since you are only issued a regular card with a very low amount. The username for the online account will also be very inconvenient and hard to remember.

Control mastercard with no overdraft fee. In spite of being issued a debit card, control mastercard users can enjoy the benefits of using traditional credit cards. Aside from not having your account credited, the online account will also be linked to your bank so that the same transactions that you make can be transferred to your bank account without you having to pay the overdraft fee. With this benefit, cardholders can enjoy all the convenience and benefits of traditional credit cards without having to pay any extra costs.

Provides the benefits of traditional MasterCard and Visa cards. There are a lot of online stores that offer this kind of service. Aside from being able to transact business using a credit card, cardholders can also avail rewards. If they are issued an account, they can use it to purchase items using their plastic cards.

No direct deposit. Aside from not being issued a standard MasterCard or Visa, control prepaid cards can also be issued with no direct deposit or monthly fee. Users have the choice on how they would like to fund their account. They can choose to apply online for a traditional card or they can use electronic check as the form of payment. This feature is very attractive because you are able to enjoy the benefits of both.

No credit check. Users will not have to undergo a credit check. All they need is a valid email address. If they do not have an active email address, they will still be able to register and enjoy the benefits of control prepaid mastercard. This means that if they have no credit check history or if they have a bad credit history, they can still register and use their cards.

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