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The Ultimate Revelation Of Valley Federal Credit Union | valley federal credit union

As a member of the Valley Federal Credit Union you can enjoy the benefits of a variety of benefits, including online banking, free community access, low interest rates, no membership fees and twenty-four hour phone customer service. Members are allowed to enjoy all that Valley Federal Credit Union has to offer, and they have no need to pay a fee. They will also receive the same excellent benefits that other members get. All their services include:

Free online banking. Members are able to log on to their VFCU website anytime they want, to make any financial transactions or check on their bank account information. This can help to ease financial journeys and keep people informed about their bank accounts. A financial education can also be achieved by attending special classes held yearly.

Online financial education. To ensure that people stay financially educated, regular classes are held over the Internet. Special seminars are also held regularly, and members can also sign up for special email newsletters. An annual retreat is also given by the VFCU over the weekend, which is attended by over two hundred people. There is also a drive-thru location that provides coffee, donuts, muffins and desserts. It's a great place to unwind, make new friends and make memories!

Same-day Financial Education. Many of our community members are also working full-time jobs during the week. Attending a VFCU meeting at their facility during the weekend can help them get an advantage over other community members who attend weekend only classes. Each class meeting is scheduled to begin at 11:00am, and classes are scheduled to end by 4pm. Students are welcome to attend any class at any time, day or night, and there are no special restrictions on when you can come and what you can learn!

Supportive Counseling. Our members can get personal support from a number of experienced community members who volunteer as a part of their VFCU responsibilities. These individuals will speak with one-on-one with students, helping them develop personal strategies that will work well within their financial education framework. They can also refer potential students to appropriate counselors, and keep in touch with the students in order to provide ongoing guidance and support.

Credit Union Fees. Although the VFCU collects fees for its financial education programs, it does so without charging exorbitant fees. That makes the credit union a better choice for students who need extra financial assistance to complete their degree. There is no cap on the number of credit hours that can be enrolled in a year. This also means that if a student wishes to continue their studies after they have finished their credit union dues, there is no cost for additional credit hours.

Community Access. Through a system called “cardio credit” that all credit unions must participate in, community members are able to maintain their fitness levels. This is beneficial not only to those who wish to stay fit but also those who are just getting started. Through cardio credit, a community member can maintain a high score despite the fact that they may be a little overweight.

Many other benefits exist. Students in a credit union often receive reduced interest rates on their student loans. This is very beneficial to those who need low interest rates on their loans to help them manage their finances while they are still in school. Furthermore, when a student graduates, they have an excellent chance of being approved for employment. This is because many employers prefer to hire graduates. In addition, many credit unions provide their customers with financial education as well as practical budgeting tools that help them to become more responsible with their spending.

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