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This Is Why Uber Visa Debit Card Is So Famous! | uber visa debit card

Just a few months ago, Uber announced an exciting new Visa Rewards Debit Card by GoBank. If you've been wondering what's happened to that old iced coffee card, well, it turns out that Uber has just ditched it for a new one. In January, we wrote about GoBank joining forces with Visa to offer a new credit card designed specifically for travelers. This new one from GoBank is called the Visa debit card, and it's just as excited as those who backed the original Uber cards (and who know a lot more about them than we do).

So what exactly is this new Visa debit cards program all about? It's part of an ongoing initiative between GoBank and Visa to offer consumers more choice in their bank providers. When you apply online, you can choose one of many options that includes the low-fee no-fee-flat rate card or the regular fee, higher interest rate card. The way it works is that once you apply online, you can complete your application and then decide which card you want.

While this might seem a little “blocksy,” in actuality, the process is quite simple. When you click on the link to go to the website for your specific bank, you'll be greeted with a few choices. Check out your preferences under the section marked “cards,” and you'll see a number or two that look familiar. They might be the Visa debit card you've had your eye on, or it could be the regular Visa card that you might have trouble getting. For example, if you don't have a GoBank checking account, you won't be able to apply for the uber visa debit card there. However, you should be able to apply online for a regular Visa card that works just like a GoBank checking account.

When you apply for the Visa debit card, you're agreeing to a flat rate monthly fee instead of a percentage. You also agree to a maximum credit line for cash advances and ATM usage. You're not locked in to a certain amount of ATM cash or credit, either. That's important because you might need more than 80 trips to make a significant purchase. The good news is that you can earn up to three times your balance in rewards on your uber visa debit card! All you need to do is sign up for an online account so that you can get started.

Another benefit to using your Visa or MasterCard when traveling is that it gives you access to the participating fuel companies and enables one to use one's debit card to make purchases. You can drive anywhere using your fuel card, and the company pays for your fuel just as you would with your regular Visa or MasterCard. The benefits of this is that one does not need to carry cash, and fuel cards can often provide substantial savings over gas prices on major highways.

Uber's Visa debit card program enables drivers to have perks that they won't find anywhere else. In addition to having cash rewards, drivers who use their cards to pay for expenses will also be eligible for discounts from the premium service providers. Some of these include insurance, oil changes, roadside assistance, and more. If you've never used a card like this before, you'll find that this type of program makes driving much more affordable and safe. This is particularly true if you have had accidents or tickets in the past.

The fact that there are cash back and rebate programs attached to this card makes it even more attractive. These perks are based on many factors including age, location, type of car, how long you've been driving, how many miles you cover, and much more. This is one of the best benefits offered by any major credit card or banking firm. In fact, many banks offer other types of insurance, such as homeowners insurance and rental car coverage that make having an actual credit card extremely useful.

As with any credit card, it's important to ensure that you always use it responsibly. Not only do you want to avoid overdraft fees but you also want to avoid incurring excessive interest rates on your account. By using your debit visa rewards debit card to pay for expenses, you're taking advantage of free benefits and great perks. Many people enjoy using this type of credit card and have found it to be quite useful. With all of the perks and benefits, it's easy to see why.

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