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This Story Behind Copper State Credit Union Will Haunt You Forever! | copper state credit union

Copper State Credit Union is a well-known non-profit business and financial services company. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company operates to offer online financial services to more than 100,000 members worldwide. The credit union is also involved in real estate transactions and other lending practices. It has branches in 13 states and has been in existence for nearly one century.

Since its establishment, the credit union has focused on providing members-families with financial education and advancement. To this end, it has provided quality financial education to its members-family members, students and retirees. Through the various programs that are offered, members-family and students have been able to learn fiscal responsibility, budgeting and how to become more self-sufficient. These programs have also helped in enhancing the economic security of its member-families and students.

The non-profit corporation has its board of directors and principal members. One of its directors is Paul G. Combs, who is a former president of the Pacific Exchange Bank in San Francisco. Mr. Combs has also served as counselor to the Pacific Exchange. The other board members are John J. Poindexter, Albert B. Dritzler and Frank R. Larter. A total of eleven people constitute the supervisory committee of the copper state credit union.

The goals and policies of the credit union are quite vast and reach far beyond Arizona families. For instance, it aims at promoting economic prosperity, social justice, environmental protection, housing improvement and self-sufficiency among its member-family and students. Among these, it has established a volunteer board which serves as an advisory board for the policies and programs undertaken by the organization. The board consists of a quixotic woman, an retired Air Force major and a highly regarded teacher. She is Mrs. Anna M. Poindexter and she is the president of the Arizona Families nonprofit corporation.

Through this volunteer board, members can be informed about the policies and programs of the copper state credit union in Arizona. In turn, the policy book can be obtained so that individuals can make their own informed decisions. This includes the usage of the demand webinar.

The demand webinar is a feature of the volunteer board which enables members to learn about the activities carried out by the association in Arizona. Members are also enabled to avail the opportunity to participate in a discussion forum. Through this forum, you will be able to discuss important issues concerning the credit unions in Arizona with other members. Apart from that, you will also be able to make your views known to the directors of the association in Arizona. In this way, you will be in a better position to voice out your views and seek help from the directors if needed.

The directors of the association will always welcome new members. The idea behind the existence of this credit union is for it to unite all credit unions under one banner, promote economic development and better use of services and products provided by such organizations. This is achieved through the implementation of the US Patriot Act by the credit union in Arizona.

All in all, the copper state credit union in Arizona offers a lot of benefits to its members which include financial empowerment. These financial empowerment techniques involve the implementation of a sound management system and the setting up of good communication channels with other financial institutions. Thus, these credit unions can contribute greatly to the economic development of Arizona.

As an example of the financial empowerment technique that the credit union in Arizona implements, let us look at how it handles its dues and payments. When you join the copper state credit union, you are automatically entitled to certain privileges like lower interest rates on loans and mortgages, assistance when purchasing a new home or refinance, discounts on automobile premiums, etc. However, certain conditions apply depending on the type of membership that you have signed up for. For example, for those who belong to the executive committee of the credit union, lower interest rates do not apply.

On the other hand, the unincorporated territory option allows members of the credit unions in Arizona to consolidate their finances under the supervision of the owners or members of the LLC. Thus, under this option, the members of the credit unions in Arizona enjoy the convenience of having just one single monthly payment under a single fixed interest rate and fixed payment schedule. Furthermore, under this option, any late payments made on a loan or mortgage are taken care of by the LLC. The caveat is that the LLC cannot charge any penalty until the full amount of payment has been made.

As the economy of our country has worsened, many Americans have opted for membership in the copper state credit unions. This is because joining one of these organizations provides members-families with the opportunity to build up their financial strength. It is very easy to become a member-owner of any of these Arizona Mutual Credit Union, since you do not need a passport, proof of residence or any kind of approval from the bank. There are no monthly membership fees involved. So, if you are looking to build up your financial strength, I urge you to become a member of one of these Arizona mutual credit unions today.

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