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What Makes San Francisco Federal Credit Union So Addictive That You Never Want To Miss One? | san francisco federal credit union

San Francisco Federal Credit Union offers many valuable benefits to its residents, including: low-interest rates on loans and mortgages; free on-line banking; NO medical exam required; and no membership fees or deposits. If you are looking for the right financial institution to help you achieve your financial goals, then consider a visit to your local San Francisco Federal Credit Union. Here are a few of the perks you will gain by becoming a member.

Another great perk of being a member of San Francisco Federal Credit Union, is that you receive a one-time $1,500 Accidental Death & Dismemberment(AD&D) insurance benefit for FREE! Your Tru Stage AD&D from CMFG Life Insurance Company covers you or a family a cash payment after an accidental death or permanent disability results from a covered accident. You may also enjoy a free on-line checking account as well. The San Francisco Federal Credit Union offers members a free annual credit report, and also participates in the Annual Credit Report Fairness Initiative, which requires certain criteria to be met by all members.

San Francisco Federal Credit Union has created a totally new online banking service, called My San Francisco Federal Credit Union. This completely mobile and Internet based banking service gives members access to their entire financial portfolio through the Internet. Members can manage their investments, view their daily bank accounts, make payments, and even transfer money to friends and relatives across the globe. The new digital banking website gives members a secure and private experience that is easy and fun to use. Mobile services include free RingCentral and free text, email and video messaging services.

The new app brings together mobile banking, social media and traditional online banking into one convenient place. Users can keep their balance low with the new app, and only have to take their phone with them to the bank every so often. They will have instant access to their account information, and even receive news headlines and weather reports. For the more tech savvy member, the new platform allows you to enroll as an individual or as an organization. You can set up your financial profile, and even check your social media profiles from within the app.

One of the main reasons the San Francisco Federal Credit Union created this new app was to help members remain informed about changes in their services. For example, they introduced a new interest rate that goes into effect on July 1st. If you are a member now, you should review your current rates and see how much you would be paying if the interest rate change occurred. Now you will know if you want to re-apply for a lower interest rate or just wait until the new rates go into effect. Knowing this information will give you the opportunity to better manage your budget.

The San Francisco Federal Credit Union also made mobile banking easier through the creation of the branch manager's page. This is the page members can go to when they have a question or need assistance. You can use the page to send a message to your branch manager, ask a question, update your account status or request a transfer to another branch. With the branch manager's page, members can be sure they are getting the help they need. It makes managing your money much easier through a mobile phone.

Another way this new system can make managing your finances easier is through automatic transfers. Because the entire premise of digital banking is making transactions automatically, this is a perfect match for the San Francisco Federal Credit Union. When you set up your San Francisco account using the new platform, you will immediately see an icon on the main menu to indicate that you are setting up automatic transfers. These transfers will happen without you having to manually input information into the system. All you have to do is choose the transfers you want to make and then let the system do the rest!

Many San Francisco area credit unions already had debit cards and online bill pay available, but now they are also offering the option for their members to receive a free checking account. This means members will not only be able to manage their finances more easily, but they will be able to make their bills payments as well. This is a great perk for anyone who lives in the area and wants to minimize their bill paying time each month. The San Francisco Federal Credit Union has truly set the standard for other credit unions. If you are looking for a financial institution that offers a wide variety of services, whether it be free checking accounts or a debit card, you will want to check into the San Francisco Federal Credit Union.

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