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Why Citibank Visa Credit Card Had Been So Popular Till Now? | citibank visa credit card

Many banks in the United States offer Visa and MasterCard credit cards to many consumers. These bank have their own advantages and restrictions. Hence it is essential for you to carefully consider which bank to obtain your credit card from. In case of CitiBank Visa cards, you must have an account with these banks in order to make use of these credit cards. If you have any other bank, then you are not qualified for this card.

Citibank is among the institutions that do not permit you to make fuel transactions for your car using your Visa credit card. Even if you use the Citibank gas stations, you cannot make fuel transactions to meet up your monthly requirements. This means that you are unable to obtain cash advance loans or credit card cash advances with these cards. This restriction is imposed because Citibank sees this fuel transaction facility as a potential money laundering opportunity.

Citibank limits the number of card transactions that it allows each year and it stipulates the annual fee and charges. If you avail of the Citibank Fuel Rewards program, then you will enjoy the special low annual fee along with the special low and no annual fee for the second five years. You can also enjoy the 50% off the cost of your purchases. However, if you wish to enjoy the lifetime validity, then you have to pay the yearly fee. On the other hand, the Citibank Lifetime Validator card can be used to enjoy the lifetime validity and the special low interest rate provided by Citibank for five years.

Citibank rewards the customers with the special credit card with the two turbo points. You can earn five reward points every time that you use your card to make fuel purchases. The reward points redemption limit is twenty five thousand points. You can increase these reward points up to forty five thousand points. All these points can be redeemed with the help of the Citibank Visa Credit Card.

The second benefit that you can enjoy is the twenty percent off the cost of the fuel that you purchase. The twenty percent discount is applicable on the entire cost of the fuel that you buy. You do not have to spend more than twenty percent of the total price of the fuel to avail of this special offer from the Citibank Indian Oil Petroleum Corporation. Citibank visa credit card users who have more than ten thousand points and the lifetime validators can avail of this special offer.

The Citibank visa card users who have more than ten thousand points and the lifetime validators can enjoy this special credit card offer for one year. It is also possible that if you are a new customer of the Citibank you may not be entitled for this card. However, if you are already a card holder of Citibank, then you can easily avail of this facility without any difficulty. There are no annual charges, so you can use your card for all your fuel transactions.

If you do not have the Citibank visa credit card, then you may still be eligible for the Indianoil gas card or the Indianoil fuel rewards card. Both these cards are also offered by Citibank. The rewards associated with these cards are twenty percent off of the entire fuel transaction and five percent of the foreign transaction too. The other features and benefits are same as those of the Citibank credit card.

You can purchase the reward points redemption by paying the regular instalments of Rupees two for every one hundred rupees that you purchase. So, now you can always buy fuel and earn the reward points redemption at the same time. Thus, if you own this card, you may not want to miss out on the benefit of saving money and earning Rupees 24,000 every month.

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