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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard | shell fuel rewards mastercard

Half of all the Shell fuel rewards do not take the card. You are entitled to half of the rebate if you purchase any qualifying gas-related items at a Shell service station. Other Shell gas stations are not eligible, so do your homework before purchasing at a Shell station. Also read carefully any conditions related to rebate redemption, expiration dates, etc.

Strong rebates on Shell gas-related purchases You can earn up to one-time rebate offers on Shell products. Half of the Shell gas rebates don't take the card. To qualify for the discount, make your purchases at any Shell service station located in the U.S. plus buy one gallon of Shell Ultra Blend oil-free diesel, change it at any Shell service station, and use it every time you fill up. There's no spending limit on these purchases or other rebates.

Five-Cents-per Gallon Rebate Offer: Save five cents per gallon when you purchase diesel and oil at any Shell gas station. A card member must make his or her regular purchases at a Shell service station to be eligible for the five-cent reward. This reward can be applied in place of any other Shell gas rebate, including gasoline rebates, car washes and service points. These rebates expire.

One-Time Offer: A one-time offer to save five cents per gallon of diesel oil at any Shell service station exists. Members get the opportunity only to redeem this reward for cash at the end of each month. It lasts for two months after which, the cash value disappears. No other rebates exist as far as the details known.

Discounts on Purchases: Rebates on fuel purchases may be available when members make their purchases at select Shell service stations. When the rebates run out, they have a limited option to redeem the reward. At the time of making the purchase, the card member must call or visit the Shell service station to obtain the rebate. These rebates expire.

Gold Status: Only certain Shell gas stations may be entitled to the gold status wherein one can have a limited access to rebates for fuel purchases. This is beneficial especially for frequent travelers on business trips who need to keep refilling their tanks. For those who regularly make fuel purchases, they can apply for the free gold status which has lesser restrictions and is not restricted to fuel purchases only.

First Five Purchase Protection: This is a service that is provided for an additional fee for members who have a Shell gas card. This service offers protection from fraud for up to twenty five percent on one's first five purchases made with the card. The card holder is not obligated to purchase anything for this period. However, the member is still able to receive rebates on these first five purchases.

Grocery Purchases: The benefits of having a Shell gas card are many. Not only can one earn rebates on fuel purchases but they can also get special offers on groceries. Members are able to enjoy a discount on their purchases. For every five gallons of gas purchased, one can get up to two percent off the price. For those who have a gold status, these coupons last for up to three years.

Cash Back: There are different levels of cash back that one can enjoy. For every dollar that you spend in grocery stores, gasoline, or other non-fuel purchases, you can get up to two percent rebate on your expenses. Merchants and agencies do not pay any cash to be able to offer rebates. Shell rewards is just one of the many rewards offered by Shell.

Individual Fuel Reward Programs: Individuals who own a Shell gas card are entitled to a number of different reward programs. First, there is the Personal Fleet rebate program, which provides double the rebate on purchases of fuel. One can also benefit from the Personal Gasoline rebate program which allows a fixed rebate on gasoline purchases. These rebates are good for up to five gallons per customer.

Other incentives for using the Shell fuel rewards mastercard one-time offer include discounts at local restaurants and service station services, airline tickets, and shopping at select retailers. You will also receive discounts if you use the card for purchases at select hotels, car rental companies, and car dealerships. The card also gives you access to a variety of travel information and resources. It can help you find the best deals and save money while traveling. With so many benefits, it makes sense to choose the Shell fuel rewards one time offer.

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