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3 Advantages Of Shell Mastercard And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

The Credit Card Giant, Visa has partnered with MasterCard to offer special discounts and cash back to Shell. Shell is one of America's largest refineries. This means that new cardholders may earn a rebate of just 35 cents per gallon when utilizing a Shell MasterCard at an average rate of $2.35 cents per gallon. Also, cards affiliated with Shell are available at many of the country's major establishments, including gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, motels and more. The Shell MasterCard already has one of the nation's most generous credit card rebate plans with an annual rebate of up to 5 percent on all Shell gas purchases.

This new credit card partnership between Visa and Shell is designed to attract new cardholders while increasing the number of current cardholders who use their services. The rewards provided by this partnership will benefit millions of loyal customers who buy regular gasoline from Shell. This increase in sales will generate an estimated net gain of more than three billion dollars per year for Shell. These benefits will be especially helpful during the time frame of economic downfalls.

This new partnership between Shell and Visa/MasterCard allows cardholders to receive rewards and rebates not only for purchases made using their gas card at Shell retailers or any other participating retail outlet, but also for purchases made at any participating oil refineries located in the U.S. In order to qualify for these rebates, all you need to do is prove that you have an active gas card account with Shell and an active bank account. As long as you have not been delinquent on your payments, you should be able to get approved. It is important to note that this program requires fair credit and is limited to U.S. citizens who are at least eighteen years old.

The second benefit of this partnership includes a line of credit that requires fair credit. This line of credit requires that cardholders pay a one time, up to thirty-day fee. If you pay your bill on time and consistently make your monthly payments, you will qualify for this credit line. This can be used for any oil refineries in the United States. However, it is important to note that the cash rebate only applies to purchases at Shell retail locations.

The third benefit of this partnership between Visa and Shell includes access to the company's award winning stationery collection. The partnership works closely with several major stationery companies, including Dell, Carrier, Barnes & Noble, and Kohl's, and requires cardholders to purchase their ink from these participating companies through their gas card instead of at participating retailers. This will allow cardholders to have a wide selection of top-quality stationery at the pumps in their area.

For those who do not have existing accounts with either Shell or Mastercard, this is the perfect opportunity to open both a Shell MasterCard and a Visa card. This bonus offer is great for both merchants and consumers. For merchants, they are gaining a new way to make purchases while also gaining an additional method of collecting interest payments. For consumers, they will receive generous rebates on their purchases charged to their new accounts. These rebates are based on the average percentage of a person's total purchases charged to their existing credit card.

Cardholders will also enjoy other benefits, such as: low interest rates, free travel reward programs, low late fees, and no annual fee. This is a great incentive to bring anyone into their store, and especially if they already have an oil Change company account. This oil change reward program is the second highest rewarded program with Shell, behind only the company's gas rewards Mastercard. With the national airline industry on a downturn, customers love the opportunity to earn rebates from their favorite airline. And, the best part is that Shell is offering a nationwide network of service outlets.

Shell is also teaming up with local grocery chains to offer consumers extra benefits. With Shell Grocery, consumers will have the opportunity to earn five percent cash back on the full amount of their grocery shopping. In addition, with the nationwide network of retail gasoline stations, Shell Grocery cardholders will be able to redeem their rewards at any gas station in the country. This is yet another example of how Shell has made partnerships with companies that allow them to bring together the consumer and the company through rebates, incentives and other unique programs.

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