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3 Facts That Nobody Told You About Indigoapply

Indigo Apply for free. This is the motto of Indigo, a New York based personal financial planning company that offers its clients free credit card application services. The company bases its claim on the “no annual fee” motto since it is funded by the fees paid by the consumers themselves. As it turns out, Indigo's fee structure is quite reasonable and is also quite competitive among other free credit card applications that the market has to offer.

Unlike many other services, indigoapply has no hidden charges and no annual fee attached to it. The company's only charge is for its credit card application services. All this means is that its annual fee is a fraction of what other services may charge you. It may be worth every cent, after all.

Your credit score is an important factor when it comes to getting credit cards and getting affordable interest rates. It goes without saying that you will pay more interest if your credit score is low than average. But by signing up with indigo platinum, you can improve your credit score quickly-even within the month.

Indigo, as we all know, uses a proprietary technology called the ING Curve technology to generate a customized credit report that it calls the indigo platinum report. The process is quick enough that it takes about thirty minutes to receive your customized report from indigoapply using their website. You can also check your credit report using the website: indigo platinum report.

The unique feature that makes indigo apply for free is the “no security deposit” feature. In case you are not comfortable with giving your security deposit, you can give it to another customer once you sign up with indigo. Since indigo uses your security deposit for its transaction costs, this will also reduce your processing time. When you sign up with indigo, you will not be charged any processing fee.

Your responsibility as a borrower includes paying back your debts on time. Your good credit score influences your chance of getting more credit cards. Even when you apply for an unsecured card, lenders will still look at your score. With indigo, you have the opportunity to improve your score by timely payments and making all your payments on time. In this way, you will demonstrate responsible behavior and you will increase your chances of being given more credit in the future.

Since indigo works with “no security deposit” payment process, you will also save money from fees for overdraft. This means that you will be given a regular overdraft limit without depositing a security deposit. All your transactions will go through this automatic clearing house called the PayPal. This saves you from charges for manually transferring money from one place to another. With indigo, you will no longer be forced to give a security deposit. This is how you can raise your good credit score fast.

There are a lot of benefits that will come from using indigo. Its pre-qualification process helps you get additional credit score points for having responsible behavior even when you have a poor credit score. Its “smart collection practices” allow you to avoid charges for “non-sufficient funds charges”, “security deposit penalties” and “overlimit and late charges”. You also have the chance to pay for “non-credit-based charges” such as “marketing costs”, “market analysis expenses” and “asset-based charges”.

Indigo's “pre-qualification” also allows you to apply for another Indigo card for an additional credit score point if you have a poor credit score. For instance, for those who have an A+ credit score, they can apply for a Blue Topaz credit card. After having this card for three months, you will receive the additional A+ credit points based on your history with Indigo. If you maintain your payment discipline with this card, you can definitely raise your credit score and be given an additional card with an even better pre-qualification bonus. This means that you can now apply for a Blue Topaz credit card with a pre-qualification bonus.

You will only be charged for using indigo once you have paid your first year's membership fees. You can also use the service for up to five additional years to help you build a good credit score. With indigo, you will not be charged any service fees or annual fees to maintain your account. You are only charged for actual monthly payments that you make on time.

On the first year that you are a member, you will enjoy a low interest rate as well as no service fees. This is how indigo can benefit those people with poor credit. It also gives cardholders an excellent start in establishing their creditworthiness.

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