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3 Shocking Facts About Amazon Credit Card

Many consumers enjoy the benefits of using their Amazon credit card to make purchases at any online retailer. This is because the program has many features that make it a worthwhile option. However, there are many differences between the two types of cards. Read on to learn more about these differences so that you can decide which one is right for you.

The first major difference between an Amazon credit card and other credit cards is the membership level. There are two models of this card, with separate terms for members. First, choose to earn up to 5% in savings on all your Amazon purchases, or select special financing to earn more. The rewards you earn from these purchases are only good for Amazon purchases, and you may also redeem them as a statement credit once your purchase is made. The amount of money you can earn on purchases may be limited by your available credit score, so be sure to always pay your account in full when that score is exceeded.

Another option available with this card is the “Visa Plus” version. This card does not require a membership, as it is designed for everyday purchases and does not have any redemption options. You can use your Amazon credit card to make purchases at any participating retailer, although you will not receive any type of statement credit for these purchases. The benefit of this type of card is that you will save on interest if you pay your balance within the timeline specified by the company.

Most credit cards that are issued by Amazon only allow members to make purchases on certain categories. The “prime” memberships allow you to make the majority of your purchases on these categories. Amazon does offer other credit cards that are more suitable for individuals who are looking to make larger purchases. These cards include the “Silver” and “Gold” memberships.

The” Platinum” memberships offer a higher level of rewards than their “practice” or “standard” counterparts. They give users access to special shopping features, customer support, and insurance options. With the “Platinum” cardholders, you will have access to an account with a significant savings boost. Some perks include free gifts, free airline tickets, and discounts at the movies, department stores, restaurants, and fitness clubs. You will also find discounts with gasoline and tolls on select services. For those who use the cards on an everyday basis, they are able to build up points that, when combined with the points accrued through the use of the credit cards, can be converted into cash.

The “American Express” card is another card offered by Amazon that gives its users the opportunity to earn cash back. This cash back program offers cash back on all of the major services that are used in the daily lives of most American citizens. This includes everything from gas stations to entertainment venues. There are a few things that you should know about American Express, though.

The “blue” version of American Express is the credit card that you should choose if you plan to use the cash back feature. The “blue” version includes all of the same perks as the “red” version, including airline miles and gasoline discounts, but it is restricted to only those drugstores and gas stations that use the “blue” logo. It will not pay off gas at grocery store pumps, drugstores, or even select movie theaters.

The “red” version of American Express is what you should choose if you want to use the rewards programs and the cash back program. By choosing the “red” version, you will be able to make purchases at all of the same credit cards that are currently available. You will also be able to make purchases at any of the drug stores that are located in the United States. You will be able to use your rewards and cash back programs to pay for all of your monthly payments, even those that occur outside of the month that has been allotted. The bottom line is that this credit card has lots of perks and benefits, but it also has some restrictions. : Ihre Amazon | amazon credit card

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