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4 Facts About Kroger Mastercard That Will Blow Your Mind

The new and improved MasterCard from Visa and MasterCard is called the Kroger Mastercard. As a bonus for using your MasterCard to shop at select stores, Visa and MasterCard offer special rebates, gifts, cash back, and air miles with purchases at participating locations. So how does it stack up to other cards? The following facts about the MasterCard compare it favorably to its competitors. The MasterCard is accepted at over 1200 retail locations throughout the United States, including exclusive and out-of-way locations.

The MasterCard at a Glance: In a nutshell, the Kroger RE Darius World Mastercard at a glance: The key features of this card are its Value Added Benefits (VAB), rewards and interest rate programs. It has the most comprehensive rewards program with a maximum $25 annualized rebate and an assortment of options for collecting rebates, including online, through phone, or via mail. Plus, if you reside in an area where Kroger is your favorite grocery store, you're probably already a member, so you'll spend a lot of your paycheck there.

The Credit Score Required for Approval: For consumers who like to think of themselves as responsible, frugal individuals, the MasterCard Rewards program is a dream come true. Since it's a credit card, it requires a decent score. The lower your score, the more rebates you'll receive, and the higher your eligibility for airline miles or other goodies. But since you pay a low annual fee and redeem your points for air miles, how much does it really cost you? Just about a nickel each month, which isn't too bad.

What You Get Out of the Rewards Program: As mentioned earlier, the Kroger re Darius world Mastercard comes with a Rewards Credit Card Cash Back program. This cash back program is one of the best incentives on the market and helps you save money with a monthly interest rate that is just below average. And because it's a credit card, you can use nearly any American Express card or any of the major banks like Bank of America, Chase, Discover, etc., with just the card. You can see yourself spending cash back on pretty much any activity you wish.

How Much Can You Get Back With Those Rewards? Well, since the program is a joint venture between kroger and American express, not only can you earn miles for every dollar spent but you can earn double points with American Express and Kroger. So, what this means for you? You earn twice the reward! On top of all that, you also earn 2 points for every dollar you charge to your account.

How Are Fuel Points Different From Rewards? A benefit that is unique to Kroger cards (and American Express cards) is that the number of reward points you earn are in addition to the amount of gas you buy. This makes it very simple to calculate your actual fuel costs versus reward points. For example, let's say you decide to get away for the weekend on your Harley. You use your Kroger card to purchase $50 worth of fuel and then use your card to redeem your reward points.

This is an excellent way to redeem rewards for gasoline. If you can't spend the cash, consider getting an American Express card instead. You can earn rewards points as well, but since these are in addition to the actual gas purchases, you pay less overall interest. Plus, when you have a cash back incentive, like the kroger prepaid card, you are more likely to use it.

I would steer clear of the kroger prepaid card when looking for a cash back reward credit card. Though they don't have the drawbacks that the kroger card has, they do have the potential for abuse. They may be less reliable than American Express or Discover cards. Remember though, as with any credit card offers, there are always drawbacks that outweigh the benefits.

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