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Mastercard Symbol Is So Famous, But Why?

The MasterCard Symbol is a unique combination of color and shape that has become recognized by both consumers and businesses as a universally recognized symbol of acceptance. MasterCard Inc. is an American international financial company headquartered in Purchase, New York. The International Operations headquarters is based in O'Fallon, Missouri, also a town of St. Charles County, Missouri

A simple, yet elegant tagline and color combination can make all the difference when it comes to creating a great marketing and brand identity strategy. The MasterCard logo design is very simple and clean. Simple designs are simple to remember, which leads to brand identity clarity. Simplicity also translates into ease of application and usage, which is critical to creating a long term impression and reputation for your company.

Mastercard uses a unique graphical representation of the emblem on their credit and debit cards. This is done in conjunction with the interlocking circles. One can't help but be reminded of the wheel when dealing with this logo. The circular pattern of the interlocking circles are very easy to remember and identify.

Interlocking C Circles With Solid Block The interlocking circles logo is created using a single block of colored text. It is then created into four points that resemble a bank check or an international currency. When these intersections are united, it forms the familiar-looking Mastercard symbol. The text is centered over the intersection of the points which forms the brand mark.

Brand Identity With Purpose The purpose of the interlocking circles logo is very important. The company uses the symbol in a variety of ways from product packaging to advertisement. Each time the card is used, a reminder of the brand is being made. Every time the customer uses the card, a transaction is being made and a brand is being established. It is because of this reason that the brand identity is so important. A logo is simply a way of making a brand more recognizable.

Brand Identity With Purpose The meaning behind the use of the Mastercard symbol to represent a brand is quite self-explanatory. It is for everyday use. The concept of the card being for everyday use is not by name, but by symbol. It is for what is familiar to us, that is use and not by name. We recognize the symbols we see daily, like the apple, the target, the swoosh. It is these everyday symbols, that form the basis of our brand identity.

Reinvention in the Digital Age Calls For Modern Simplicity One of the reasons why a company would want to reinvent itself is when it is trying to go beyond the known. A company may feel like it is out of date when compared to what it was in years past. It could be that there have been major changes in technology and business procedures. For whatever reason, there has been a need to reinvent one of the most iconic corporate identities. This is where the Mastercard symbol comes into play.

A New Logo should change with the times, but not necessarily radically. A company could choose to go with a more simple symbol that is easier to associate to the brand. This means going with a yellow circle with interlocking red circles. This gives off the image of a pad with crossed wires crossed in the middle. Going with this new logo gives the company the opportunity to reinvent itself with new ways to market itself.

Changing Logos to Meet People Spontaneously Some people do not like to change logos, especially if they have spent years with the same logo. However, if you want to change things up, it's a good idea to go with something that is different. If the current logo is causing people to look twice at your card, then a new one should do the trick. You can also use the symbol of change as inspiration. The Mastercard symbol of RAMANAN, which is an amalgamation of two Sanskrit words RAMAN and RASHA, is a good example of a logo change that will help people recall your card.

Brand Identity One of the reasons why many companies choose not to reinvent their brand identity is because they feel that it is already done. However, when a company has a logo design that works for them, then it is much easier for them to create a brand identity. For instance, the U.S. flag is a very effective brand identity and has been for over 100 years. A lot of companies get caught up in re-doing their logos or re-branding, when in fact all they need to do is change the tagline. If you are working on your brand identity, then it is important to remember that if you want to change things around, then you should try a few different things.

Wordless Logo A lot of companies don't think about this but a simple tagline is enough to make your business stand out from the rest. When you use a wordless logo, people will not be able to read your message. For example, let's say that you own a travel agency. Your tagline could simply state “towels – worldwide” without any additional information. People will know what you are saying right away because your tagline uses only the logo and no other details.

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