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Seven Brilliant Ways To Advertise Amex Platinum Travel Credit

The Amex Platinum Travel Credit card is easy to apply for and there's no obligation to sign up. In most cases, all you have to do is pay on eligible purchases using your Platinum card from American Express or any other credit card issuer. In a few days, Amex is going to mail you a statement credit. The statement credit will be good for purchases you make at selected vendors and services during the month of May, June and July. Once the statements are issued, you can withdraw the money from your bank account in the amount you've paid for.

What separates this card from most others in the airline industry is that you don't pay an annual fee. That makes it a great choice for frequent fliers who don't want to add another hassle to their busy schedules. For business travelers, it eliminates the need for arranging separate airline credit cards just to be able to charge their laptops and netbooks. Many airlines offer this type of credit card to their valued customers as an incentive to get them to stay with them long enough to make repeat business. However, even if you aren't a frequent flier, Amex Platinum Travel Credit will help you save money on airfares, hotels and other expenses.

The way the Amex Platinum Travel Credit card works is pretty simple. You make purchases at selected vendors using your credit card, and then you'll be billed monthly for the amount you spent. In order to receive the best interest rate possible, it's advisable to make your purchases at least a week in advance. The lower the number of weeks you have to order your merchandise, the greater your chance of receiving a substantial discount on your merchandise charges.

Just as with any other Platinum Cards, the Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card also allows its users to make and print gift cards for themselves and others. You can also use the gift cards for purchases at select dining establishments, leisure facilities and participate in travel programs. There are several advantages to using travel credits rather than airline miles. For one thing, you are less likely to encounter fraudulent transactions, and for another, the card offers you a way to purchase things you may not otherwise be able to afford.

Another advantage to having this type of card is that you are protected against fraudulent billing and shipping charges. The benefits of purchasing your items at a participating establishment rather than at a premium rate include reduced chances of paying for items that were booked but the customer later decides to cancel his trip. In addition, the protection against fraudulent charges helps you avoid incurring excessive baggage fees when you return items that were not paid for or damaged in transportation. It also helps you protect yourself from being faced with high charges on your insurance if you incur unauthorized travel charges because the card company will not charge you an excessive fee for your protection.

One of the most significant features of the Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card is the offer of a no-fee special transaction charge on purchases and cash advances. This means that you are not charged a standard fee for any of your purchases, whether made online or at the stores. The special transaction charge will earn you five percent off your total purchase price. The convenience of this type of payment structure is particularly attractive to frequent travelers who can make multiple purchases during one trip and have the added advantage of having the cost of their flight booked at the same time.

Many people who have the Platinum Card are also pleased with the additional lounge access that Amex Platinum Travel Credit Cards offer. lounge access allows you access to a variety of specialty stores and shops, which is especially helpful in an airport. The ability to buy food and drinks on-board also gives the traveler added convenience. In addition to the standard airlines that offer lounges, several other major hotels and restaurants also offer lounge access. You can access these lounges from inside the terminal, outside of the terminal, or even right outside on the grounds.

Many people also like the fact that many Amex Platinum Travel Credit Cards includes perks and benefits such as free air miles and complimentary hotel stays, along with a selection of travel credits that can be used for on-line purchases. These perks and benefits might be earned in the form of free flight tickets, free hotel stays, rental car discounts, and a variety of other points that you can earn each year. Most of these incentives are awarded based upon your spending patterns over time, which makes them very enticing. If you are looking for an all-around travel credit card, then the Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card is one of the best you can get.

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