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Seven Outrageous Ideas For Your Martin Thuo

Dr. Martin Thuo is a post-doctoral fellow in the department of Chemistry at the University of Iowa. His research is focused on the development of polymer membranes that allow for the controlled transport of matter. These materials are particularly useful for the fabrication of microfluidic devices. His research has applications in biomedical imaging and single molecule electronics. In addition, he has received four patents for his work.

To date, he has received numerous awards for his research, including the Lynn-aderson award for graduate research excellence at the University of Iowa. He is also the recipient of a Mary-fieser fellowship at Harvard University and the National Science Foundation fellowship. He was also invited to speak at the 2012 International Conference for Young Researchers in Advanced Materials in Singapore. In fact, he has won many awards for his work.

His research has led to the development of a technology that recovers pure metals from alloys. Using low temperatures and controlled oxygen applications, Thuo and his team have been able to dealloy metal and separate its constituent components. The result is a metallic slagmite-like spike. He has published several papers, including one in Frontiers of Chemistry. In addition, his research team has won funding from John Deere and Materials Horizons.

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