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Ten Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Apple Card Experience

Apple Card is a prepaid credit card designed by Apple Inc. and released by Goldman Sachs, best known for its use with Apple Pay. At present, it's only available in the United States but is expected to be available in many other countries soon. The card is linked to an account on an approved e-store. It is intended to replace MasterCard or Visa. Each time you use your card to make a purchase, you're charged a low flat fee called a transaction fee.

This transaction fee varies by bank and is listed on the receipt. These fees can add up, especially if you make many purchases, since they include not just the transaction fee but also any applicable foreign transaction fees. On an average, you could be charged about 10% more than what you're paying now for an equivalent Visa or MasterCard product. This isn't a big problem if you're shopping online, where those charges won't apply anyway, but it can be a problem if you want to use your card at a regular bookstore or gas station.

Apple Card allows you to use your credit card to make purchases at places where payments are made in cash, such as the popular Sam's Club, Pier 1 Imports, and Pier 1 Food Mart. However, these transactions don't usually count as cash sales, which means that you can't usually claim your tax refund for them. Instead, you must pay the difference in price between the actual cash price you paid and the rate the credit card company charged you to pay cash. If you don't have this information, you'll have a hard time claiming tax rebates on your purchases.

There are some exceptions, though. Apple Pay enables you to make purchases at select restaurants directly through the app and can help boost your credit score in ways that using your credit cards alone cannot. Because it's tied to your bank account, payments made through the app cannot affect your credit score. So long as you don't have any late payments on your accounts, you're safe from the penalties.

There are two main types of Apple Pay. The first is the universal version that works with most major credit cards and allows you to make purchases at places where MasterCard and Visa are accepted. The second is the specific for individual cardholders, which is used at partner merchants and many of the major grocery store chains. You have to have the right contact information available from your bank, but you don't have to go through any extra steps to get the card.

To earn 3x points on each purchase with the app, you must load the app with purchases. The benefit here is that you don't have to load the app with purchases if you don't intend to redeem the points; you can use them as cashback when you shop in the app. It's a great way to save money. If you're not sure where to load the app, read the terms of service for the card to learn about the maximum number of purchases allowed and other restrictions.

Apple Pay can be used in conjunction with the major bank accounts you already have. For example, if you already have an American Express or Discover card linked to your bank account, you can load the app with purchases to earn the reward points. When you link your bank account to the app, you will receive a notice that let's you know how many miles you can redeem per calendar day. You can also get more information about your rebate rate when you link your account to the app. For those who use multiple merchant name cards, this feature could come in very handy.

The ability to make payments on the go is a great part of Apple Pay. If you travel a lot, you can keep track of your purchases with your phone, or even check your credit score and history. By making payments with the Apple Card, you can make monthly payments and do not have to carry around your wallet or purse. Instead of having to carry your debit or credit cards, you can simply make payments straight from your mobile device.

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Apple Card: Das sind Apples Kreditkarten-Pläne – COMPUTER BILD – apple card | apple card

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