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The Hidden Agenda Of Target Mastercard

Target Mastercard came into existence in October 2021. It is a credit card program offered by the Target Company. I have personally tested the Target Mastercard for several years.

*TAKEAWAYS. The Target Mastercard comes as a store credit card, a Target Mastercard, a rebate card, and an instant debit card. Each card comes with similar benefits.

* DEFLECTIONS. As with any other debit card, Target's debit cards can be used at most stores that accept major credit cards. They are limited to gas stations and select vendors. In addition, they cannot be used to make regular purchases. If you want to be able to use them at all of the store, you may want to consider an annual fee Target Mastercard.

* EXTRA BENEFITS. Unlike many other credit cards, Target's Mastercard allows its cardholders to earn up to three times more in rewards than what they paid in interest. This means that the money you put into the account is returned to you on many occasions instead of accumulating in a separate interest bearing account. You also earn free gas when you use your cards at the Target pump. The only down side to the three times maximum reward limit is that it usually takes several years to earn the full amount.

* DEFERS THE WAITING PERIOD. Unlike many store charge cards, Target's Mastercard does not limit the number of consecutive transactions you can make. This means that if you run out of cash during the shopping season and need to make purchases, you do not have to wait until next season to make use of your rewards. If you make purchases within the first thirty days of your membership, you can earn three percent back. This is much better than most store charge cards and allows you to benefit from using your card over the long term.

* FREE PAYMENT MONEY. If you have made any purchases with your Target credit card, you will receive a deposit directly into your checking account every month until you pay off your balance or apply for a new credit card. This benefit alone makes Target's Mastercard worth its annual fee.

* DEFERMS AND ADDED FEES. If you choose not to pay your balance in full each month, you will be charged an interest rate on the unpaid balance. In addition, if you use your debit card to make purchases, you will also be subject to a monthly due date and fee for any debit card transactions. With a MasterCard, the annual fee and the debit card transaction fees are waived.

As you can see, the advantages of owning a Target store credit card are far greater than the disadvantages of the Target MasterCard. The one disadvantage that Target points out is their mandatory annual fee. However, even this advantage is small compared to the many benefits that you receive by using your Target MasterCard.

Other cards offer a bonus once you make your payments on time and for the full amount. These types of offers can save you hundreds of dollars per year. Target's interest rates are also slightly higher than those of other cards. So, if you prefer to avoid paying interest charges, these kinds of cards may be a good choice.

Another way to avoid paying interest charges is to transfer your balances from another low-interest credit card to your Target MasterCard. A lot of financial institutions and card companies offer special deals to customers who transfer their balances to a MasterCard. You can save a lot of money by doing this and it also does not require an annual fee. You will receive the benefits of the special offer right away, so you will not have to wait to enjoy them.

* HAVE FUN! A lot of people do not realize that when they use their traditional credit card to make purchases, they are actually leaving themselves open to identity theft. Your social security number is the first piece of information that criminals can use to obtain credit in your name. By transferring your payments to a target credit card, you will avoid leaving yourself open to potential fraud.

As you can see, there are many ways that Target MasterCard can benefit you. If you have high credit scores or you do not need an annual fee, you should definitely check out a Target credit card. Also, keep in mind that you should never provide your social security number at any in-store merchant. If they ask for it, tell them you would prefer not to have your social security number be included in their monthly billing transactions. This way, you will be able to protect yourself and your credit scores.

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