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The Story Of Citibank Visa Has Just Gone Viral! | citibank visa

Citi today launched the first ever contactless credit card transaction technology in the nation with Citibank Visa. Offering Citibank Visa Cardholders a quick, safe and hassle free electronic payment option, this new innovation is designed to revolutionize the local payments environment for both consumers and merchants. This innovation provides merchants and consumers with improved ways to accept payments at every point of sale. In addition, it is expected to usher in a new wave of mobile payment solutions for consumers who are increasingly using their smart phones to make purchases.

With the purchase of items through debit cards, shoppers have no need to carry a conventional purse or wallet. Instead, they are required to carry a smartphone with them, and use their fingertips to purchase items using their preferred payment method. As a result of this, traditional cardholders are experiencing the inconvenience of carrying bulky or expensive credit cards, which can be a pain after hours of shopping. The new Citibank Visa debit card, on the other hand, simplifies the buying process by eliminating the need to carry cash. This simplification will allow cardholders to enjoy even greater purchasing power, due to the enhanced ease at which they can complete transactions.

Citibank's paywave credit cards allow cardholders to enter their PIN number during checkout. This prevents any potential thieves from having access to cardholder information. Once cardholders enter their pin number, they are automatically enrolled in the company's secured credit card account. This allows them to make purchases using their credit cards anywhere Visa is accepted. Merchants have the ability to enter their own PIN numbers during checkout, which will allow them to process electronic or non-electronic payments.

Cardholders can also conveniently shop for their purchases with the convenience of online card management tools. When they enter their PIN, the website will determine how much of the purchase price goes to their designated spending department. The remaining portion of the purchase will be automatically deducted from the cardholder's designated bank account. Cardholders can easily track their every transaction by logging into the account at the company's website.

Travelers can further take advantage of the convenient features provided by the Citibank Visa purchasing account. Through the business travel rewards program, cardholders can earn up to twice more for every single transaction completed using their credit cards. To maximize the benefits of the program, cardholders should ensure that all purchases made using the cards go to the designated departments. They can do so by making purchases in stores or traveling agencies, and by using PIN-based purchases at restaurants, gas stations, car washes and other businesses. Cardholders can also opt for their business travel rewards by increasing the amount of points that they have.

Citibank business payment cards feature other convenience options such as automatic cash withdrawals when cardholders use their cards to make purchases at participating merchants. This feature is particularly useful for cardholders who are always on the go and who need to make cash withdrawals. Upon entering their PIN, the website will determine how much of a cash withdrawal percentage is available. The website will then debit the designated bank account for the applicable amount. In this way, cardholders can avoid overdraft fees and keep themselves from being charged excessive interest rates.

The company's business payment cards offer consumers additional protections when they travel out of the United States. A standard card includes traveler's insurance. The added insurance protection will help cardholders from the danger of missing their flights because they do not have travel insurance. 3d secure technology makes it possible to avoid the possibility of a stolen passport. Furthermore, the additional insurance protection can be used as an additional benefit when traveling outside the United States

Citibank's business travel rewards program offers a unique opportunity for both frequent travelers and long distance recipients. In order to receive the incentives, applicants must apply online. They will be required to answer several questions and provide contact information including their name, address, and phone number. After applying online, applicants can begin enjoying the benefits. Individuals can also use the credit cards for exclusive shopping privileges when dining at a participating restaurant.

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