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The Ten Secrets You Will Never Know About Citibank Open Today | citibank open today

If you are thinking about applying for a loan modification with Citibank, the bank may have a page or two that you can read concerning their Open Day. Normally, Citibank opens Mid-Morning and ends at mid-afternoon. Get to know about Citibank Open and Closing timings both on regular days and weekends. Use the available information prevailing around the Citibank Branch Office schedule to your advantage and not waste both fuel and time.

On regular days, Monday through Saturday, the Citibank Open Timing is from noon to 3 pm. But on weekends, the branch offices operate throughout the day on a rotating schedule, operating from noon to midnight and from midnight to five o'clock in the afternoon. The operating hours on other days of the week are the same as those on regular days. The rotational timings of the Citibank Open Day are adopted to ensure that the majority of branches get the business throughout the day.

What makes this rotating timings important? Well, on saturdays, most branches operate till 12 noon. But since some Citibank branches go on holiday hours, they don't operate until the end of that holiday. Hence, for branches that operate during the Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and the like holidays, the open today and closings occur at the same time on each of these four days. The holidays of special occasions such as Easter, Mother's Day, Hanukkah and similar periods are characterized by the same set of timings.

For convenience, the banking activities of Citibank are normally conducted from the main entrance of the building (usually the main floor). For example, starting from the main entrance of the building, all Citibank branches open at 5 pm and close at 12 noon. This is followed by another set of different timings for lunch (noon) and dinner (two hours later). So, a customer who goes shopping at the mall or any other shopping center will see a variety of timings for his banking transactions.

There are also other advantages associated with the timings of Open Houses. For instance, during the weekend, there is more customer support and loan application activity going on. Since weekend is generally considered a busy day for most borrowers, it becomes advantageous for branches to show more services to keep their customers entertained during the weekend. This way, the customer support provided will be better and more efficient, and more customers in turn will come back to such Citibank branches for further loan or credit services. Hence, for such an extended period of time, the weekend is a good time to arrange for Open Houses.

Apart from the Open House events, Citibank has also planned various events related to the loans and credit card policies. Today, all its branches have an app (available free of cost on the Android and iPhones) through which customers can get all the relevant information on credit cards and personal loans. The main advantage of such a mobile app is that customers can now keep track of all the relevant information without leaving their seats, even while travelling. The information on the application, which includes all the contact details and other valuable data about Citibank's Personal Loans, are collected by the customer through their mobile phone.

Citibank also conducts a number of workshops, seminars and product launches. On the first Saturday of every month, for example, the Personal Loans department holds a free seminar in New York. During the seminar, a team of professionals from the Personal Loans department will meet up with the potential borrowers, discuss their problems and try to solve them. After the seminar, the customers can check their account status online and take a decision as to how they wish to proceed. If the borrowers wish to renew their current loans, they can provide the required details and if they wish to cancel the existing loan, they can do so.

Citibank has also launched an app for their clients, which helps them to check balance online. The user can simply log in to the Citibank application and the details of their bank account can be checked over the phone. If there are any pending payments or if any amounts are overdue, then they can be informed via the phone call. This way, many times people are able to avoid getting approval for loans on account of poor credit history. Hence, by having an application installed on their mobiles, Citibank ensures that the borrower gets better loan deals, even with poor credit history.

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