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4 Easy Rules Of First Progress Platinum Mastercard

If you have any doubts about their security procedures, you should know that First Progress Platinum Mastercard has some very strict requirements to get approved for this credit card. If you are a non-Singaporean individual, you also need to have a Sponsored Bank Account to be eligible for First Progress. You can apply for your account at the same place that you apply for your usual credit cards. There is limited reward offered on the First Progress Platinum Mastercard, but it is worth every cent if you want to be a proud holder of this distinguished credit card.

The requirements for First Progress Platinum Mastercard is pretty standard for other secured cards. You need to have a current age of at least 18 years old, an anticipated annual salary of not more than five thousand Singapore dollars and a stable job. Also, you need to have an active bank account with a balance exceeding five thousand Singapore dollars. Your bill payment record and credit score play a key role in your eligibility of getting a First Progress Platinum Mastercard. It is important to maintain your good scores if you wish to be approved for other future credit cards.

Another important First Progress Platinum Mastercard from tip is to maintain your regular payments on all your bills. Most credit cards offer their clients the chance to earn rewards points whenever they make their regular payments on their bills. These rewards points can then be converted to cash or credited to their account. If you happen to find yourself missing any of your payments, it would be advisable to contact your bank immediately. As soon as you receive your First Progress notice, ensure that you pay your bills on time, or your account will be declined and you will lose your privilege of owning a Mastercard.

One thing you should be aware of with First Progress Platinum Mastercard is that it does not report to the three major credit bureaus. It will not go on your credit history reports either. This can leave some consumers wondering why they have been denied for this kind of credit card. The answer to that question is that the company does not report your transactions to the three major credit card reporting agencies.

In addition, First Progress does not require any form of security deposit. You will need to send your application process directly to the bank that will issue your First Prize Platinum Mastercard. When this process is complete, your credit card will be sent to you via mail. So when you do request a statement from the bank, it will not be necessary for you to send a security deposit.

A big reason why the First Progress Platinum Mastercard has been so popular among many people is because it allows a person to build their credit limit at virtually no risk at all. It is a type of secured credit card. Secured credit limit, which is what you will get with the First Progress Platinum Mastercard, is determined by how much money you deposit into your account or how much money you are able to deposit into your account in the form of a withdrawal. Neither of these factors will be a factor in determining your credit limit when you use this card. Your ability to pay bills on time and your ability to build up your security deposit account will be the only factors that will play a part in determining whether or not you will be allowed to build up your platinum prestige.

So what do these three types of security deposits mean? They mean that First Progress will deduct a percentage from your regular paycheck before granting you a First Prize Platinum Mastercard. This means that you will have to have an adequate amount of money in your checking or savings account in order to be able to deposit the required amount into your account. It is not hard to imagine how difficult it would be for you to withdraw all of the money you have pulled out of your checking account. This means that First Progress eliminates this potential problem all together.

There are a few other factors involved when it comes to getting First Progress Platinum Mastercard approved. For starters, the company requires you to have a decent to good credit history as well as a job that you can verify. They also require you to provide your social security number so that they can get your actual banking information if ever you need it to check your eligibility for a First Progress Platinum Mastercard. Finally, you will not be approved until and unless you can prove that you meet the above mentioned criteria.

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