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4 Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Paypal Debit Mastercard

When it comes time to pay bills, most of us have heard of PayPal and probably a few websites that allow you to pay your bills online through PayPal. But did you know you can also use your PayPal debit cards to pay bills online? How is that possible? It's actually quite easy to do. Here's how…

To request a PayPal Debit MasterCard from the website of Paypal, simply log into your Paypal account and click on Services. Once the site opens up, click on Get a card now. PayPal refers to their debit card as a Business Debit Card whether your PayPal id is a business or personal account. If your information is valid, then you should be approved for a Business Debit MasterCard.

When an application is submitted, your information will then be reviewed. If everything is fine, then your debit card will be issued. The process of getting a Business Debit MasterCard is almost like getting a regular MasterCard with the exception that you will receive cash back instead of point-based earnings. Here are some important tips to remember when sending your payment to your business accounts using a PayPal debit card:

Be sure to send your payments to a secure server. If you send your payment to a non-secure server, this could be risky. Also, be sure to use a business days payment option if you are sending money to a non-business day financial institution. This will make the transaction cost less per transaction since the transaction is made to a bank that processes your payment every business day instead of on the weekend. The amount of money that you can withdraw from your ATM depends on the amount of cash you have in your account as well as the total number of business days allowed to withdraw.

Make sure to have a PayPal debit card in your name or if possible have a joint PayPal account in case you and a co-worker are going to need to make multiple purchases at different times. As long as you have this option, this will eliminate the need for having two PayPal accounts. Your transactions are insured so if your ATM card is lost or stolen and the person who uses it gets fired from their job, they cannot misuse your funds. This will eliminate the need for you to pay charges to replace stolen ATM cards.

If you don't have an available bank account, but you do have a phone line, you can still get a business debit card. For most stores, you can use your home phone to make online purchases. This process may require you to provide a payment option such as PayPal. In order to protect yourself, set up a password and PIN number for your PayPal to account so only authorized people have access to it.

The downside to using PayPal is that your transactions are not covered by any kind of credit or debit Mastercard protection. It is true that a PayPal debit Mastercard is not as useful as acquiring a normal credit card because there is no credit or debit setup like there is when you apply for a regular card. If you choose to use a prepaid ATM card, you can do so without having this protection. A prepaid ATM card is good for making just small purchases. You should never rely on your PayPal debit Mastercard to make large purchases such as furniture or other high-ticket items.

A bank account with a PayPal debit card is easy to open and maintain. You do not have to provide additional information for your PayPal atm connection to withdraw money. There is no need to have a PayPal debit card attached to an active bank account. Your PayPal and link can always be changed if you choose to switch currencies or your life changes. It is always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with online shopping and transactions.

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