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4 Various Ways To Do Hawaiian Mastercard

Many people are familiar with Hawaiian MasterCard, the exclusive credit card of Hawaiian Airlines. The airline has been around for over a decade and operates in many countries around the world. However, Hawaii is perhaps the largest of them all and accounts for about a fifth of the total yearly spending by the travelers.

In fact, there are many other types of cards associated with this airline company that make it easy for travelers to enjoy their vacation even further. For example, there are the annual fees and other charges. There are the various kinds of bonuses and rebates and the different Hawaii hotels that one can choose from. All these bring together the total spending for an individual. Now Hawaiian Airlines has introduced a special scheme that makes it easy for travelers to combine the benefits of these various cards into one.

It all starts with the annual fee that is charged for using this card. This is essentially a charge for the privilege of earning hotel reward points with this airline company. These points can be used by the cardholder for purchasing air tickets and other forms of leisure travel once a year. Hawaii's tourism agency, Kauai Tourism, handles the transactions for the cardholders.

There are also several airline mile programs that can be enjoyed by cardholders. These come under the general category of airline rewards and are very popular among frequent travelers. The two kinds of mile programs are the one-time five star plus one-time 50th birthday promotion. This promotion has special discounts on flights for the specified date. As one gets closer to his or her golden birthday, this special promotion comes with an amazing discount which makes it even more desirable.

For frequent travelers there are several other forms of Hawaiian rewards being offered by the Hawaiian airlines. Some of these rewards are exclusive club benefits such as access to exclusive lounges, private lounges with amenities and access to priority boarding lounges. The airline also offers a special four bag Hawaiian discount for purchases made in selected stores. Other incentives include trips to the most popular tourist destinations in the state such as Pearl Harbor, volcanoes, the Polynesian Arts and Culture Festival, and Aloha Stadium.

There are also several other gifts and incentives that are featured on the Hawaiian websites. These come under the category of annual fees. One of the most attractive incentives is the ability to get free hotel stays as a proof of your patronage. Another great perk is the first checked bag free when you buy qualifying airline tickets. Other annual fees include annual fees for car rentals and resort accommodations.

A few months ago I became a proud owner of a Hawaii vacation club known as Hawaii Access. My wife has been a loyal customer to our company for over twenty years and as such became a valued employee of Hawaii Access when we started shopping around for our Hawaii vacations. Because I have so many relatives and friends who are frequent travelers we both have been searching for ways to be able to make our family vacations more affordable. We have tried a number of different methods to do this such as the Costco and Sam's Club rewards programs, the Disney Visa and MasterCard programs, but one of the easiest and most convenient ways to save money on our trips is with the Hawaii MasterCard.

We are now able to spend less money on our Hawaii vacation because we have the extra spending money with the Hawaii MasterCard. If you are a new cardholder like us, you might be wondering what the benefits are and how you can qualify for an instant rebate check at any of the Hawaiian hotels and attractions. The first benefit that you can enjoy is instant rebate checks. With our Hawaii Access promo code you can enjoy up to a maximum of three percent savings on eligible hotel stays, car rentals and dining plans, and activities including golf, surfing, tennis, baseball and other sports activities. In order to receive these savings, you simply need to visit the Hawaii Travel Company's website or call the Hawaii MasterCard Company on toll free as described above.

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