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Five Ideas To Organize Your Own Mastercard Gold Card

Ridiculously high annual fees. The annual fee on your Mastercard Gold Credit Card is so high that it is practically asking for it. On top of that, the annual usage fee alone is almost double what most cards charge. In fact, it is the third highest annual fee out there and almost half the average, as determined by WalletHub research. You get a credit card and instantly pay an astronomical annual percentage rate. Is this really what you had in mind when you applied for this card?

One option to avoid these astronomical fees and annual fees is to do your expenditures through a debit card from the bank that holds your Mastercard gold card. But let me give you another option: Do not use your credit card to make purchases at places where you will have to pay an exorbitant annual fee or to pay an extraordinary percentage rate. You can also avoid these high fees by doing all of your purchases with cash or a debit card. When you do your purchases with cash, do so at places that you know you will have ample time to repay your debt in full. If possible, use your debit card and avoid paying interest charges.

Another option is to enjoy the benefits of having a live chat with a customer service representative. A lot of people do not know that having a live chat allows you to give your customer service representative for a more personal interaction than just hitting the call button. When you have a live chat, you can actually ask questions pertaining to items such as the status of your order or inquiries. Also, your customer service representative can help you determine whether your travel plans include any stops along your route that may be important to you. For instance, if you are traveling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, your service representative can tell you whether you will be able to walk through certain attractions and then determine if those attractions offer enough value for your money.

Aside from the perks associated with having a Mastercard gold card, there are other advantages that you can benefit from. As you probably already know, you will have access to a large number of shops that accept these credits. You can use your points to purchase a myriad of different items from clothing to luxury accommodations. By using your points, you can purchase everything from designer attire to last minute tickets to Broadway shows.

The perks and benefits associated with a Mastercard gold card are not the only reasons you should consider purchasing one. The rewards associated with a redemption are impressive, too. The process of redeeming your points is incredibly easy. All you need to do is visit an airline office near you and ask for a redemption code. Most if not all airfare offices will know if you are looking for a particular reward and will be able to get you the code you need. This process is usually free, but if it isn't you will be charged two cents per point.

If you do purchase a premium plane ticket using your Mastercard gold card, you will also receive priority select membership benefits. Priority select membership means that you will receive four plane tickets for free whenever you make a purchase. If you are flying to anywhere in the world, you can rest assured that you will receive two free tickets. If you are flying to any European country, you will receive five tickets instead of the usual three.

The global entry credit and the priority select membership are not the only benefits you can receive. With your card, you will also earn additional credits towards purchases at participating retailers. In addition to earning credits towards your purchases, you will also earn one point each time you refer a customer to the company's website. This means that each time you earn one point, you will receive one free point.

It is important to note that these cards are not affiliated with any one particular retailer. You can use them at any time at any place. As long as they are used at the time of purchase, you will not have issues using them anywhere else. These cards are ideal for those who travel often, and who purchase products on a regular basis. If you are a frequent traveler and are looking to reduce your spending, consider upgrading to the Mastercard titanium or the gold cards.

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