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Seven Ways Westgate Rewards Mastercard Can Improve Your Business

How do you get a credit card from Westgate Rewards? Purchasing merchandise at Westgate Resorts is one way to earn points towards free trips, attractions and additional savings at our resorts. In order to maximize your rewards, know the rules before you apply. Below are some ways to qualify for free or low-cost airline tickets, hotel stays, rental cars and more when you use your card to make purchases at our resorts:

Earn Westgate Rewards with Every Purchase on Your Westgate Resort The Mastercard program at Westgate Resorts allows you to earn 1.5 percent back from each purchase you make. You can earn these reward certificates by buying any kind of lodging, food, auto rentals or other merchandise at our world-class resort. There are no blackout periods so you can enjoy your shopping anytime, day or night. You will also be able to earn extra points whenever you stay at a Westgate timeshare. These fee reward certificates are returned to you along with your reservation.

Stay at a Westgate Timeshares and Earn Maximum Westgate Rewards If you're planning to buy a timeshare at one of our resorts, don't forget to ask about the special offers our timeshare owners have. All you have to do is register your new timeshare with us and start enjoying your vacation. You will receive an email from us with all the details you need to know on how to sign up for your first sixty days free vacation. You can enjoy the free vacation even without purchasing anything during the first sixty days. What a great offer! To maximize your free vacation time, register your timeshare with us as well.

Purchase a Westgate Property and Earn Rewards, Points and Free Hotel stay Every time you purchase a property with us, you will receive a free vacation package and several free trips to other popular resorts in the world. You can also earn points and rewards every time you make a hotel reservation, every time you apply for credit cards, and when you use the services offered at Westgate properties. You can get an amazing value for your money when you purchase a timeshare property with us.

Earn an Unforgettable Westgate Experience When you spend some quality time at one of our resorts with your loved ones, it's going to be memorable no matter where you go. You'll appreciate everything we have to offer by staying at a high-end resort located only minutes from the city. With our exceptional service, you can enjoy all of the sights and activities that will make your stay special and unforgettable. Just think about how wonderful it would be to enjoy a fabulous meal, take in a play or take advantage of the top-notch shopping experiences and events offered here. With a Westgate credit card, you can have everything you need to make your stay fun and enjoyable at the best rates available.

Earn an Unforgettable Travel Experience With Westgate Rewards As a valued member of the Westgate Club, you'll be able to take advantage of special offers and promotions every single day. You'll also earn points and rewards every time you make a purchase at one of the properties located throughout the resort or when you use the services offered at Westgate properties. The more you save on items and purchases, the more you can use the money you've earned with your Westgate Rewards MasterCard. No matter what your personal travel needs are, there's a perfect offer waiting for you.

Enjoy Benefits That Is Beyond Words When you purchase a timeshare through Westgate Rewards, you instantly become a member of a club that offers unparalleled benefits. Westgate Rewards members enjoy several unique benefits including: Eliminated airport fees, NO annual fee, NO membership fees, NO membership renewal fees, NO blackout days and NO travel credit restrictions. Plus, you'll never have to worry about missing a plane again! When you purchase a timeshare through the Westgate Company, you also get: Two (2) free nights in a Westgate Resorts Club hotel, priority seating for VIP guests, priority baggage and admission into the Theme Park, four (4) free days in the Park during any event or festival, and a VIP treatment that includes a private pool, chef consultation and even a chance to go on a private boat ride. All of these incredible benefits come at no additional cost to you, which makes it an even better idea to purchase a timeshare through Westgate.

No wonder more people are choosing to buy a timeshare through Westgate Resorts over traditional travel plans. As a valued member of the Westgate Club, you'll receive the same level of service that you would receive if you were seated at the front of a plane. With an exceptional travel service, top amenities, exclusive leisure activities, and incredible benefits you can't find anywhere else, owning a timeshare through Westgate is the best way to take advantage of all that an Orlando Westgate property has to offer.

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