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The History of Barclays Aviator Mastercard

The Bank of America (BAC) and Bank of New York (NY) has partnered with Barclays to offer discounts on their credit card. For every eligible dollar of purchase, the credit card company will match the amount. This promotion is only valid at the time of checkout. This means you cannot buy a gift from the merchant with your credit card to prevent the discount. If you want to take advantage of this offer, look for the offer when you make your purchase.

Each of the five credit cards from Bank of America (BAC) has an exclusive version of the Barclays Avanti MasterCard. To qualify for each of the three, you have to request a product switch either from the main web site or via telephone to upgrade or downgrade to another Barclays Avanti MasterCard. Each of the three offers has different terms. In this article, I'll explore all five of the Barclays Avanti MasterCard promotions.

Offers start at just $75 for the standard version. You have to enroll in an email newsletter for alerts and special deals from the world elite partner company. You will also be sent text messages when new deals are available with the Brooklyn Air Transportation Agency (BAATA). For every five referrals you will earn five percent off your total purchases. Another deal from the world elite partner company is the annual fee credit card. You will be billed an annual fee annually as long as you maintain your acceptance to the program.

You can earn bonuses, air miles, frequent flyer miles and save money if you enroll in the Brooklyn Air Transportation Agency's (BAATA) merchant account. With the Citibusiness account, you will have access to exclusive member discounts and benefits. When you shop at selected partners, you will be billed with the same low prices as other cardholders. The agreement includes the regular rate on in-flight food and beverage purchases, airline miles programs, cash back programs, reduced or waived foreign transaction fees and complementary travel insurance coverage.

If you prefer not to use the in-flight shopping facilities, you can take advantage of the Brooklyn Aviator MasterCard that gives you the option to purchase any product that has a lower rate than regular prices. For every dollar you spend, you earn miles towards free flights. The agreement includes a provision for limiting the number of miles you can earn; for each thousand miles you use, you get one free flight. You can redeem the miles towards any destination. This is an exceptional offer for those who prefer to use their card instead of a cash-advance to make purchases overseas.

If you are planning to make frequent business trips and travel, the Brooklyn Aviator MasterCard earns you bonus miles towards other corporate activities. There are two ways to earn bonus miles from this card. First, you can visit the participating destinations and earn up to two million bonus miles towards your next business trip. Second, you can visit the participating destinations with your personal connection through the corporate account which is linked to your individual credit card.

The Brooklyn Aviator Card has an excellent customer support facility with a helpline number as well as online customer care services that you can connect to twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There is no annual fee for this card. The online portal offers a secure payment gateway, instant application and discounted rates on purchases within the first three months of account opening. There are a variety of exciting benefits associated with this card including a choice of zero percent APR for the first twelve months on balance transfers.

The Brooklyn Aviator Card is issued by Citibank and you can use it at any of their branches or at their corporate outlets across the United States. You will receive a one-time application fee credit, which can be used online for domestic flights and for any other purchase that you may make using your card. This is your only credit card that will provide you with this much value for such a low and affordable annual fee credit.

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