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Why Is First Progress Mastercard Considered Underrated?

There are really three different versions of the First Progress MasterCard, each having their own corresponding APR and yearly percentage rate: Regular, Prestige, and Premier. If accepted for one, you're approved for all three. The good thing about this credit card is that it offers no annual fee. And the perks alone are worth the annual fee.

With First Progress, once your application is approved, you receive your very own MasterCard with your First Account. You'll enjoy a low APR of zero percent and a security deposit instead of annual fees. With these perks, your interest rate will be zero as long as you pay your bill on time. You also get a three percent bonus at the end of every twelve months as well as emergency assistance services for a minimal charge.

Now that you've received your First Progress credit card, what exactly do you need to do to benefit from this offer? There are a lot of things you can do. One is to use your credit card to make purchases or back other charges. The rewards will then be credited to your account.

Another thing you can do is to transfer any existing balances to your First Account. This will give your existing credit cards enough credit to help boost your credit score. You can use the First Banks Rewards as collateral for secure cards like MasterCard or Visa.

If you have other credit cards but not the First Bank, there are other alternatives to help you get your First Progress card. One of those options is to use your regular Visa or MasterCard to open up savings or checking accounts. You can also look into prepaid debit cards. These are similar to the First Bank's prepaid debit cards. But these are considered inferior to the elite Mastercard secured credit cards. Also, if you are interested in getting a credit card, prepaid debit cards are not really a good option.

To make sure you're getting the most benefits from your First Progress Mastercard, it would be a good idea to look into the program's terms and conditions regarding First Bank's First Progress Credit Cards. Here are the key points you should keep in mind: You can't be delinquent on any purchases you make using your card – this includes food, gasoline, toiletries and other personal items. So don't spend more than the minimum amount required by the program. You must pay your bill on or before the due date. You must maintain an excellent payment history with all First Bank Services, including your First Account.

It's true that the First Bank's First Progress card application requirements seem to be pretty stiff. After all, anyone who has his or her own checking or savings account could be considered a potential candidate. But if you are determined to open an account with First Bank, it would be worth your while to look into the First Bank's other cards. The First Progress Mastercard, for example, has a low interest rate, a reward program and a no-fee ATM debit card.

You can get a little more creative with your First Bank First Account. One thing you can do is pay off some of your debts first (such as utility bills and car loans) with your First Bank's Mastercard before transferring all of your balances to the account. This way, your First Bank will provide you with an excellent interest rate and low APR, and your Mastercard can give you instant access to cash and other perks. If you have several high-interest debts you want to consolidate, consider paying them all off with First Bank's Mastercard first. Then, transfer your remaining balances to the bank.

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